Democrat’s True Feelings About America Revealed In Secret Poll

By Jack Davis June 16th, 2020 | Image Source: Time Magazine

Barely one in four Democrats say they are “extremely proud” to be an American, according to a new poll.

A new Gallup survey of 1,034 adults living in the United States found that 42 percent said they were “extremely proud” to be an American, while 21 percent said they were “moderately proud.” Among Democrats, only 24 percent rated themselves “extremely proud.”

Republicans had much higher national pride than Democrats, with 67 percent of Republicans surveyed saying they were “extremely proud” to be Americans.

The gap between the two parties is not new. Republicans have historically expressed national pride at higher levels than Democrats, and in 2019, there was a 54-point difference between members of the two parties.

The survey noted that overall, pride in being an American has dropped from peaks achieved in 2003, as the U.S. initiated the Iraq War. In 2003, 86 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of Democrats said they were “extremely proud” to be an American.

The poll found that some subgroups were more proud of being American than others.

Twenty-four percent of non-white adults surveyed said they were “extremely proud” to be American compared to 49 percent of white adults.

Only 20 percent of those surveyed between the ages of 18 and 29 expressed themselves to be “extremely proud” to be American, compared to 53 percent of those 65 and over.

The poll was conducted by telephone between May 28 and June 4, amid large-scale rioting in major metro areas following the death of George Floyd. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.

Despite the poll’s findings, many Americans tweeted their patriotism on Sunday, which was Flag Day in America.

But if pride in being an American is embattled, it is hardly dead.

Susan Spaulding of Shell Lake, Wisconsin, recently painted a massive American flag on the roof of a barn, as noted by the Wisconsin State Farmer.

“There was a lull in the farm work and I had time to do it before I had to get back out in the fields,” she said. “But the main reason is that I take pride in being an American farmer. God bless the dairy farmer.”

“I always wanted to paint a flag on the barn and told my husband and he said ‘go for it’, so I did,” Spaulding said.

Author: Jack Davis

Source: Western Journal: Poll Reveals Incredibly Low Number of Democrats Are ‘Extremely Proud’ To Be American

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