Democrats Took the Debate Stage Again — This Time They Pulled No Punches

The Democrats held yet another debate, in a seemingly unending series. But with Bernie Sanders taking a decided lead in the race, the other candidates might be bowing out pretty soon. All that time, effort, and money would have been for nothing. So, these Democrats finally woke up and started fighting back.

There are still thousands of delegates up for grabs in the 2020 Democratic primaries. But with Sanders’ shocking lead in the first three states, the momentum is on his side. Conservative pundits aren’t the only ones saying that if Sanders gets the nomination, 2020 will be an easy win for Donald Trump.

Democrat establishment types fear that a radical like Bernie will tank their party for good. His socialist agenda will not impress most Americans, including swing voters and red states. If Sanders becomes the “face” of the party, more than the White House could be lost.

So, the other rivals in last night’s debate had one goal: stop Bernie at all costs. The arrows were flying, I tell ya what.

Bernie Sanders faced sustained attacks from all sides in Tuesday night’s rowdy Democratic debate, as the self-described democratic socialist, now the race’s undisputed frontrunner, parried multiple claims that his sweeping plans were little more than an expensive path to a “catastrophic,” Corbyn-esque downballot rout for Democrats in November…

Seconds into the event… former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg — prompting Bloomberg to quickly bring up recent unverified reports that Russia is working to help Sanders’ campaign…

Additionally, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar hit Sanders’ unprecedented proposed expenditures…

Buttigieg mocked Sanders’ “incredible shrinking price tag” for his plans, noting that Sander’s figures had constantly changed and would lead to a crushing election loss in November not only in the presidential race, but in down-ballot House and Senate races. [Source: Fox News]

The knives were out for Sanders last night. The Democratic socialist was forced to defend his idiotic comments about Fidel Castro. He claimed that even Obama once praised the dictator. The prompted Joe Biden (Obama’s former VP) to jump into the fight. He slammed Sanders, implying he was lying, while he defended his former boss.

The Democratic candidates attacked Sanders radical expenses for the country. Amy Klobuchar hit him over his proposed $60 trillion socialist makeover for America. She said, “Do you know how much that is, for all of his programs? That’s three times the American economy. Not the federal government. The entire economy.”

Buttigieg piled on, noting that Sanders kept adjusting his spending plans, but never in a way that proved he knew what he was doing. He also pointed out that numerous House candidates are “running away” from Sanders’ plan, out of fear of losing their seats.

Bloomberg claimed that “moderate Republicans” who might be tempted to vote against Trump would never support Bernie Sanders. He even said it would be a catastrophe for Democrats if Sanders got the nomination.

The rest of the night was a ruckus series of attacks, shouting, and interruptions. It seems the left just can’t get into a rhythm. When they weren’t attacking Sanders, they were attacking each other. Perhaps the stress of seeing a boob like Sanders rack up votes is driving them insane?

It was quite the display for the American people. The Democrats haven’t been this divided, bitter, and leaderless in a long time. It seems that their fear of losing to Donald Trump (once again) has destroyed any shred of credibility the party still had (if it still had any).

Compare that to the Republican Party. They have raised record amounts of funds for the 2020 Election. An army of fresh, excited candidates are running for the House and local elections. Over 95% of the party approves of the president and is behind him. The GOP is poised to roll over the Democrats like a boulder.

And it seems the Democrats won’t even see it coming… because they’re too busy fighting each other.

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