Democrats Throw Taxpayer Billions At Violent Criminals

At the same time Democrats were pushing for billions and billions of dollars to be spent on unemployment benefit insurance, cyber scammers and other criminals were funneling that cash out of the United States.

The shocking report really makes you think: Was this the Democrats’ plan all along? Does their constant calls for more federal spending satisfy foreign globalist entities behind the backs of American taxpayers? Who is running off with the money unemployed Americans desperately needed after Democrats shut them out of their jobs, destroying their ability to earn a living?

More than half of the money allotted for coronavirus pandemic-related aid never reached the hands or wallets of the American taxpayer. Some estimates even predict as much as 54% of the stimulus cash intended for Americans landed out of country, funding numerous foreign crime syndicates.

According to Blake Hall, the CEO of, more than $500 billion in stimulus aid was fraudulently taken out of the United States. is a verification company that offers security services in an attempt to prevent this type of fraud.

China, Russia, and Nigeria were the main benefactors of the stolen cash, according to CEO of LexisNexis Risk Solutions CEO. Criminal networks in these countries enriched themselves with billions of money many Americans desperately needed during the pandemic’s heyday.

Both the Trump and Biden administrations have signed off on stimulus packages over the past year to bolster state unemployment insurance when funds were running out. The aid was supposed to help people withstand the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns but was quickly recognized as a lucrative exploit for criminals.

Criminals used a number of strategies to funnel money out of the US. Foreign scammers would make false claims of unemployment or would steal the identity of someone who actually did need it. Either way, the money made it out of America and into the hands of foreign criminals — all under the nose of mostly-Democrat governors.

States were aware that criminals would attempt to steal some of the aid, but they prioritized speed in handing it out over verifying if the person requesting it had a legitimate need.

Many states do have fraud-detection services to prevent these forms of criminal activity, but several do not. Coincidentally, the states without fraud detection are mostly Democrat-run states of which spend the most on unemployment benefit insurance.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth