Democrats Strip Biden Of Nuclear Power

Is Joe Biden’s own party finally acknowledging his rapidly declining mental capacity?

House Democrats by the dozens are urging Biden to give up sole authority to utilize our nuclear arsenal. In a leaked letter, the lawmakers demanded that Biden consider revising nuclear authority codes in the U.S. – a move never before seen in American history. 

Democrat Rep. Jimmy Penetta spearheaded the letter with dozens of signatures from his liberal colleagues.

“Past presidents have exhibited behavior that caused concern. These presidents have threatened other countries with nuclear attacks while exhibiting questionable judgement.” the letter reads. 

The letter continues, “There is no requirement for Presidents to consult with advisors before ordering a nuclear attack. If the order to unleash nuclear weapons is deemed legal under U.S. war law then the military is obligated to carry out the order. The attack could happen in minutes under current U.S. law.”

The congressman took to twitter on Wednesday: 

Several alternatives to the president’s sole nuclear authority were suggested in the letter. Before ordering a nuclear attack, the sitting president must concur with those in the presidential line of succession, specifically the VP and House Speaker – neither of whom can be removed by the sitting president.

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