Democrats Stick It To Taxpayers To Spite Trump

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

California, a state riddled with poverty and homelessness, has placed their hatred for President Trump above everything else. In an act of defiance, California is aiming to become the first state in the country to pay for the full health benefits of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. An agreement between Governor Gavin Newsom and Democrats in the state legislature will make low-income adults aged from 19 to 25 living in California illegally, eligible for California’s Medicaid program otherwise known as Medi-Cal. This deal stems from a broader $213 billion budget. According to The Sacramento Bee, the plan would go into effect in January 2020.

State officials have estimated the benefits would be available to about 90,000 low-income illegal immigrants at a staggering cost of $98 million per year. “While it’s not all we sought, it will provide a real tangible difference for people, especially for those around and below poverty and for middle income families who don’t get any help under the federal law,” Anthony Wright, executive director of advocacy group Health Access, said. Indeed, a family of four earning as much as six times the federal poverty level — or more than $150,000 a year — would be eligible to get about $100 a month from the government to help pay their monthly health insurance premiums.

Rather than solving pre-existing issues in the recently bankrupt state, Democrats are instead looking for its residents to shoulder the burden of funding healthcare for non-U.S. citizens. To pay for part of it, the state agreed to start taxing people who don’t have health insurance, punishing Americans who can’t afford health insurance, by forcing them to pay for an illegal’s health insurance. This is the Democrats attempting to bring back former President Barrack Obama’s individual-mandate penalty that was forced upon the entire nation and strongly disliked by the masses. Thankfully, Republicans in Congress struck down Obama’s pitiful healthcare law as part of their 2017 overhaul to the tax code. The budget agreement is still pending approval by the entire state legislature and a vote is expected within the week. Per state law, lawmakers are required to enact a budget by midnight on June 15th or all lawmakers would lose their pay.

It will be difficult for the illegals to take advantage of their free healthcare, however, as Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement saying that Trump’s deal with Mexico will allow officials to return migrants to Mexico at “full throttle”.

He also added:

“Those crossing the U.S. southern border to seek asylum will be rapidly returned to Mexico where they may await their adjudication of their asylum claims. We’ve seen this before. We were able to do this to the tune of a couple of hundred people per day [before the deal]. We now have the capacity to do this full throttle and engage this in a way that will make a fundamental difference in the calculus for those [migrants] deciding to transit Mexico to try to get into the United States. This full-blown effort under the Migration Protocols [Remain in Mexico] is a big deal and was something that we worked on very, very diligently with our Mexican counterparts over two days. And we will pursue other cooperative efforts too.”

Trump continues to make strides in securing our borders, even with Democrats doing everything they can to attempt to undermine his mission to make our country safer. His quickly compounding accomplishments have him building momentum going into 2020 and because of that, Democrats are afraid.

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