Democrats Scramble to Rally Around Biden, Fearing a Bernie Takeover

Joe Biden won the South Carolina primaries, giving the possibility that a moderate can challenge Bernie Sanders. Now, the Democratic establishment is scrambling to give Biden a boost, as long-running candidates suddenly drop out of the race. But will it be enough to stop Bernie from dooming the party?

Isn’t it funny? Joe Biden wins one out of the last four primary races—and suddenly we hear about candidates dropping out.

It’s only Tuesday (Super Tuesday, if anyone is paying attention) and already this week two major candidates announced they’re quitting. Pete Buttigieg hastily dropped out of the race last weekend. He was soon followed by Amy Klobuchar. If you think this is odd timing, you’d be right. Both candidates—who enjoyed moderate bumps earlier in the primaries—suddenly dropped out before Super Tuesday.

Why would they do that? Super Tuesday could have been significant for both candidates. Why leave now, when they held on through all of 2019 and the early months of this year?

Several top-tier Democratic presidential candidates have dropped out of the 2020 presidential race in the past 24 hours — with just one day to go before Super Tuesday.

In doing so, they have disenfranchised thousands of their own voters, many of whom have voted early or by mail — thanks to liberal voting rules that Democrats prefer over traditional same-day, in-person voting. [Source: Breitbart]

It was a bizarre move, to say the least. Both candidates could have come out of Super Tuesday with enough support to keep going. Yet they pulled out at the literal last second. But there is a reason why.

For a long time, there have been murmurs that the Democrats fear a Bernie Sanders nomination. In fact, many think if Sanders gets the nomination—he’ll doom the entire party. We all know socialism is hardly a mainstream platform. If Sanders were to lose to Trump (an almost certainty), he would drag down key races in the House and Senate.

Ensuring Trump would enter his second term with a Republican majority.

Establishment Democrats have been plotting to take down Sanders for a while. But it seems that, with Joe Biden’s modest victory is South Carolina, they are finally putting all their chips behind him. Bloomberg flamed out with his terrible debate performance. So, it seems the Democrats only hope is to get rid of candidates who might have taken votes from Biden.

Now, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is officially endorsing Joe Biden. Klobuchar, a one-time rival of the former VP, is now backing his horse.

Do they really think rushing to back Biden now will put the brakes on socialist Sanders? Remember, the establishment hasn’t been too eager to support Biden. He was at the center of their impeachment of Donald Trump. They tried to remove Trump from office, just to hid what Biden was doing in Ukraine!

Now, it seems, because he got a few delegates in SC, he can take it all the way to the nomination? These clowns are dreaming.

Bernie Sanders, the Silicon Valley-backed “socialist” is eating the left’s lunch. I’ve said in the past that the Democratic Party is dead. Now, we’re seeing vultures pick at the bones. As people like Sanders and AOC take over the party, they are becoming less and less attractive to regular voters.

The mainstream media and what’s left of the DNC are scrambling to stop it. A brokered convention would spell their doom, big time. They probably pressured Buttigieg and Klobuchar to drop out. Next up will be Elizabeth Warren, but she probably won’t go down without a fight.

Mike Bloomberg won’t last long after Super Tuesday. So, all the Democrats will have left are a corrupt former vice president and a man who loves Fidel Castro.

Does anyone really believe either of them can knock out a man like Donald Trump? Of course not. They’re just hoping to staunch the bleeding in the House and Senate.

But something tells me, they’ll fail at that too.

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