Democrats Rally Around “President Cuomo For 2020” — Governor Reveals His Plans

During this virus crisis, many liberals have been impressed with the leadership of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. As other state and local leaders falter, the Democrat appears far more competent and composed. It has given rise a movement to nominate him over Joe Biden, who appears to be losing his mind. Cuomo was asked about this recent development. This is what he said.

This virus pandemic has shown the true colors of most of our leaders. Democrats in Washington have tried to use it to push their agenda. Many state and local leaders (mostly liberals) are falling apart at the seams. Their early stupidity has produced “hot spots” of the disease all over the country. New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, has been one of the worst. He refused to do anything until health officials threatened to quit.

New York’s governor looks like a champion, compared to such morons. For Democrats, all you need to be a good leader is poise and confidence in front of the cameras. They don’t seem to realize that Cuomo can look so competent, because of the massive support he’s getting from the federal government. Thanks to Donald Trump, New York is getting significant help in this dire time.

Yet Democrats, watching their only “viable” candidate fall apart, think Cuomo should step in at the eleventh hour and steal the nomination. His own brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, asked him about it. Gov. Cuomo had a pretty straightforward answer.

During the interview on CNN, Cuomo repeatedly claimed that he was not thinking about running for office and that he would not think about it in the future…

CHRIS: With all of this adulation you’re getting for doing your job, are you thinking about running for president? Tell the audience.


CHRIS: No, you won’t answer?

ANDREW: No. I answered. The answer is no. Sometimes it’s one word. I said no…

CHRIS: Are you open to thinking about it?


[Source: Daily Wire]

Wow. Talk about interview chops! Chris Cuomo kept prodding the governor for a maybe or a “we’ll see” answer, so the media could run away with a sound bite they could spin any way they’d like. But to the governor’s credit, he refused to even give him an inch.

In other statements, Cuomo has shot down the rumors. He reminded the braindead media that we’re facing a health crisis. New York has the majority of infected cases in the country. Many have already died. The federal government had to build mobile hospitals across the city, including in Central Park. They sent a massive Naval hospital to assist in treatment. Yet all that Democrats are worrying about is the election?

We all know why they’re so worried. This outbreak came at the most “inconvenient” time for them. At the end of February, it looked like Joe Biden was building steam. But this crisis has completely removed him from the headlines. Recent appearances revealed the former VP looked more confused than ever. More than a few are questioning his mental fitness.

Why wouldn’t they look for someone else? This is the same party that conspired to rob Sanders of the nomination. Why not rob Biden of it, now? They’ve been desperate to find someone, anyone, that might challenge Trump. This crisis has secured high approval ratings for the president. Maybe they thought because Cuomo is the only competent-looking Dem right now, they could have strong armed him into running?

If this sickens you, it should. With a crisis affecting every last American, this is what the DNC is worried about. Their nomination. They’re not mustering every last resource to fight this disease. They’re not trying to work hard to bring us back to normal ASAP. They’re not even trying to encourage Americans during this hard time. Nope, they’re just scheming over the election.

That tells you all you need to know about them.

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