Democrats Prove They Can’t Even Keep a Promise For 24 Hours

Earlier in the year, the nation of Israel (our closest ally in the Middle East) was bombarded by thousands of missiles from hostile group PA. Those rockets were aimed, not at military centers, but homes, businesses, and religious buildings. The goal was to hurt as many Israelis as possible.

The only reason the country survived was because of its defense system known as the Iron Dome. American lawmakers have pointed out that, now, the system has been depleted. Israel needs support to replenish the Iron Dome, before the next attack (which we all know is coming).

Our government vowed to support the one democracy in the Middle East. Just yesterday, Biden said we were “committed” to Israel’s security. But Democrats still striped aid from their funding bill.

Republicans slammed Democrats on Tuesday for defunding Israel’s Iron Dome within a government funding bill after several radical Democrats threatened to vote against the funding bill due to signing a resolution this summer to block arms sales to Israel…

Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) tweeted the Democrats caved to the radical left just after President Biden promised to help protect Israel from terrorism. “Speaker Pelosi JUST caved to the socialists and yanked funding for Israel’s Iron Dome from the government funding CR bill. Dems can’t even keep a promise for 24 hours,” Hice said. [Source: Breitbart]

How pathetic are Democrats, these days? They can’t even keep their commitments to our allies, out of fear of a few radical leftists.

Democrats vowed to support Israel. Even Biden claimed they would. But after a few anti-Semitic House members threatened to vote against the funding bill, Pelosi caved and ripped out support for Israel.

Again and again these Democrats, which include Ilhan Omar and AOC, have accused Israel of all kinds of crimes against Palestinians. They refused to comment on what Palestine tried to do to Israel earlier this year, nor do they acknowledge Israel’s right to defend itself from attacks.

No real Democrat in their right mind should defend these leftists. Both Republicans and Democrats have long kept their vow to support our ally in the Middle East. For Pelosi and House Democrats to now be caving to corrupt socialists who support terrorists and killers? That’s pretty low, even for them.

It seems appeasing this small group of socialists (who are hated by most Americans) is more important to Pelosi than helping Israel stay safe. If these radicals had their way, Israel would be unable to defend itself. Its enemies (who happen to be our enemies as well) would walk all over them.

No true American leader could defend such a move. Yet Democrats seem to be doing it proudly.

Author: Tom Graham