Democrats Panicking over 2020–Rumors Swirl of Obama Intervention

The Democrats’ 2020 field isn’t looking too pretty right about now. For months, we’ve watched as their “frontrunners” push radical, far-left ideas. Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want to burden the country with a massively expensive healthcare plan. Many are worried they won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. So, they are looking to Obama for help.

It’s pretty amazing to watch the Democrats self-destruct. The party that once embraced capitalism, the working class, and equal rights is falling apart. Their rush to embrace socialism has made them totally unlikeable by many Americans.

Many of their 2020 candidates want support from extreme leftists. Two top contenders, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren promise (among other things) Medicare-For-All. This “free” plan will put tens of thousands of people in the insurance and medical industries out of work. Not to mention cost taxpayers trillions of dollars.

None of the candidates can promise an economy better than Trump’s. He’s putting Americans first. The result has been increased wages, more jobs, and a booming stock market. These are things we haven’t seen in decades.

Seems like some old guards on the left are getting worried. If someone like Bernie Sanders gets the nomination, they would lose big time in the General Election. Rumors are swirling that Obama himself just might have to step in and set things right.

Barack Obama, of all people, is telling Democrats that they’ve swung too far to the left. Politico had an article yesterday in which Barack Obama’s aides were quoted as saying that Obama might have stepped in the middle of this presidential race to stop Bernie Sanders if he thought Sanders was going to be the nominee…

“The only reason I’m hesitating at all is because, yeah, if Bernie were running away with it, I think maybe we’d all have to say something, but I don’t think that’s likely. It’s not happening.”

The Democrats [are] beginning to realize that the full-scale embrace of “Medicare-for-All” democratic socialism is not going to be a successful strategy. This is particularly true in the swing states. [Source: Daily Wire]

Much like an iceberg, there is a lot the Democrats aren’t saying. If Obama is expressing concern that he “might” have to intervene, it means there is full-blown panic within the party.

President Trump has done the one thing Democrats were actually terrified he might do: be a good president. His success effectively dooms their chances of retaking the White House. Their slim, next-to-zero chance at winning in 2020 is if they nominate a candidate that is somewhat moderate. Someone that can promise an economy as good (or close) to what Trump is offering.

Can Sanders or Warren do that? Of course not! They are proposing massive taxes to pay for their terrible healthcare plans. And that’s only for starters. Bernie Sanders has essentially declared war on billionaires. You know, the rich people who start companies, provide jobs, and innovate technology?? Warren wants to hit us with a $52 trillion tax bill. These aren’t winners, in my book. And Obama and his people are seeing that.

But we have to wonder just what Obama thinks he can do to right the ship. After all, it was his presidency (and its failures) that ushered in Donald Trump. Because Obama made big promises and failed to deliver, millions of Americans voted for Trump. Now, after years of success, there is no way Obama can say anything that could take voters away from Trump.

Here’s one voter’s take:

Juli Anna California, 57, a nurse from Coral Springs, Florida, said “In 2016, I hated both candidates” [and] “I went with Hillary because Trump had no history as a politician.” “He’s not exactly the person I’d have as my best friend,” [she said of Trump], “but he’s a great president. Most politicians just talk about doing things, but Trump does them.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Yeah. I can promise you there are millions more with the same sentiment.

Maybe the left should just sit this election out?

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