Democrats Panicking as Americans Give Them Failing Grade on Major Issues

The midterm elections are only months away, and Democrats couldn’t be doing worse. It seems they aren’t even trying to win over voters, counting on identity politics in deep blue areas to save them. They had control of the White House, House of Representatives, and the Senate since January 2021. And since then, our country’s economy has been in a tailspin. That’s just for starters.

These elections will decide more than just our Congress. If Republicans retake the majority, they will have the power to drive Joe’s administration into the ground. They will not just refuse his mandates, but launch investigations into his failed presidency. With enough seats flipped, they could even override vetoes, passing legislation into law. And that’s not even getting into state and local elections, which can decide the country’s fate for years to come.

And in the latest survey, Americans are getting ready to fire the left.

A new survey shows that voters trust the Republican Party to handle key issues like inflation and the economy more than Democrats, as the 2022 midterm season approaches…

According to the survey, 46% of voters said they trusted the Republican Party to handle the issue of inflation, compared to just 32% of voters who said they trusted Democrats, a 14-point margin…

Voters also trusted Republicans to handle national security and the economy by double-digit margins: 48% of voters said they trusted the GOP on national security, compared to 35% who trusted Democrats; 18% had no opinion. Another 47% of voters trusted the GOP to handle the economy, while just 36% trusted Democrats; 17% had no opinion. [Source: Daily Wire]

This is brutal for the Democrats, no matter how you spin it. The latest Morning Consult/Politico poll reveals that a majority of Americans trust Republicans with key issues over Democrats. More Americans want Republicans handling things like inflation, national security, and the economy. And for good reason.

You don’t have to go back far to see how Republicans managed the country. Back in 2017, Republicans held the federal government. And we saw record unemployment, a historic tax cuts bill, and rising wages. Gas was much cheaper, too. President Trump had the border under control and was even landing major treaties overseas.

What have the Democrats done, in just one year? Trigger historically bad inflation, with prices continuing to rise. Biden’s failed on national security on many fronts. He let the Taliban take over Afghanistan, creating an ongoing danger for Americans. Worse was his work on the border, allowing over 2 million illegals into the country.

And the economy? Biden’s terrible policies have hammered us again and again. If he had his way, over 100 million Americans would be out of a job (thanks to his vaccine mandate). If his “Build Back Better” spending bill had been passed, things would be even worse.

This is entirely the Democrats’ fault. They egged Biden on and refused to hold him accountable. They sat back as his corrupt administration started one fire after another. We shouldn’t be surprised that the numbers are this bad. We should be surprised there’s anyone left that supports Democrats.

Author: Bo Dogan