Democrats Panic as U.S. Economy Begins To Surge

Democrats had one last shot at taking down Trump in the form of COVID. Thanks to the fear and panic spread by the media, Democrat governors were able to shut down their economies, putting millions out of work. They tried to blame it all on Trump, even though it was their fault. But very quickly, red states reopened and the economy began to revive. The summer saw record growth, shattering the left’s dreams. Now, experts are predicting an even sharper V recovery, to the horror of the left.

You really have to wonder about a party whose only hope at winning an election is making Americans suffer. That has always been the Democrats’ strategy (see: the Welfare state), but they really dug their heels into it this year. The COVID pandemic would have been much less severe, had the media reported on it honestly.

After all, they were level-headed about it back in January and February. They didn’t even bother to talk about the virus, except to blast Trump for closing the border to China. Only after they realized they could use it to hurt the president, did COVID suddenly become important.

Several “experts” came out with bogus models that predicted the worst. Compromised doctors—corrupted by politics—claimed our only hope was to flush our country down the drain with forced shutdowns. The lockdowns did nothing to slow the spread, but did destroy millions of jobs and lead to countless horrible side effects (drug overdoses, depression, spikes in abuse, mental illnesses, etc.).

But that all is what Democrats wanted, hoping it would ruin Trump’s re-election chances. Yes, they are that evil. The thing is, none of it stopped Trump from leading a historic recovery. And now, things are looking even better.

New third quarter 2020 economic numbers out Thursday are expected to show record growth, confirming a rapid, V-shaped recovery from the nationwide economic shutdown induced in the spring in response to the spread of COVID-19.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the Chicago Fed, the Conference Board, and Goldman Sachs have all expected growth to be between 30% and 35%, on an annualized basis. This level of growth, economists note, would be the highest in the history of American GDP calculations, which began during the Great Depression.

“It’s the best-ever recovery,” economist Art Laffer told Just the News. “But you know, bottom line, the reason that’s the best is because the first and second quarter were the two worst. They were caused by something not economic, they were caused by the pandemic. And so it’s not a normal recovery in the sense of the Great Depression.”

.. Laffer called the 30-35% range “a very nice V shaped recovery … probably the single best quarter ever.” [Source: Just the News]’

Economists are saying the economy is having a “very nice sharp bounce back.” It is a major win for Trump. But they say it’s because of this one thing: how horrible the economy was in the second quarter.

Think about that. Had Democrats not forced the lockdowns, crippling our economy, Trump wouldn’t have this great recovery. Democrats created the situation that gave Trump this huge win. The president can now brag to voters how he was able to bring the country back from disaster, a thing leaders only dream of. But it was all possible, because Democrats sabotaged it.

Once again, we see the left’s plans against Trump backfire tremendously. But this time, it’s more than backfiring. They seem to be aiding Trump’s campaign with all their attacks.

Sure, they could never foresee the economy recovering so powerfully since April. But if they didn’t try something so underhanded, this would have never happened.

Democrats are the architects of their own demise. Not that I’m broken up about it.

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