Democrats Panic as Scandals Erupt — One Man Can Destroy Them for Good

The Democrats have been suffering a bad couple of weeks. No, scratch that. They’ve been suffering a bad couple of years.

Despite a few gains in the House, Democrats are losing ground all over the country. After two years of momentous victories, Donald Trump’s 2020 prospects are looking better and better. As Democrats scrounge for viable candidates, someone comes along that might ruin their party for good.

It’s 2019. That means the run-up to the next Presidential Election is already underway. I know, I’m sure some of you are still recovering from the last one (leftists sure are). But candidates eager to build momentum for the Big Day need to start early. Running for the highest office in the land isn’t cheap. Nor is it easy. So already, we’re hearing about Democrats who are thirsty for the White House.

And, it’s pretty bleak, you guys. The best contenders so far are a woman who lied about her race, a radical, far-left California senator, and a man who lost his temper and screamed at a woman. Not great. It’s clear the Democrats have no stars left. Nobody to unite voters and inspire them with confidence.

Keep in mind, they will be running against Donald Trump. This is a man who, with no political experience, defeated a woman who was working toward the White House her entire life. This is a man who reversed the toxic policies of Barack Obama, brought back millions of jobs, scored major trade deals, and slashed taxes and regulation.

All the while defying the fake liberal news and obstructionist Democrats. Hmm, maybe the left should just sit this one out.

Because Democrats are lurching more and more towards a socialist platform, there is room for a centrist liberal to steal the spotlight. In respond to Trump’s America First agenda, Democrats seem to have become rabid socialists, demanding an end to capitalism, free speech, and a thriving economy. It’s a good time for a liberal candidate to hit the middle of the road and steal voters.

Enter Howard Schultz. The former CEO of Starbucks has been considering a bid for the White House. As a liberal Independent. It appears he’s going to a more centrist agenda—like Democrats in the past—one that would attract more than a few traditional Democratic voters. If that happened, he’d take many votes from a DNC candidate, all but ensuring a Trump victory.

How panicked are Democrats over this? Let’s just say, they’re crapping their pants.

Right after Schultz announced that he was “seriously considering” a run for president as an Independent, Twitter Leftists began calling for a boycott of Starbucks, even though Schultz is no longer the CEO. Then, former Obama officials started hyperventilating, saying Schultz’s run would “ruin the world.” Finally, polls were released shortly after that found Schultz polled at a whopping 17% in a three-way race against President Donald Trump and either Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) or Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). Trump and one of those Democrats polled at 33% and 31% respectively, making Schultz’s 17% a huge upset. [Source: The Daily Wire]

Yeah, that’s panicking, alright. But it only gets worse. American Bridge 21st Century—a leftist Super PAC—is hard at work trying to find dirt on Schultz. So far, they are crafting a campaign aimed at smearing his time at Starbucks. Their research has uncovered that Starbucks was forced to pay out $46 million in settlements to disgruntled workers while Schultz was at the helm. Does this tell us anything about Schultz? No. But it does give Democrats ammunition to hurt him—perhaps scare him off—by crafting the idea that Schultz is cruel to his workers.

Pretty dirty move, huh? But it’s the exact same moves Democrats have made against Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, and every other conservative ally. So, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Much of this news, though, has gone unnoticed over the last week. Why? Because Democrats have a much bigger problem over in Virginia.

You probably already heard about how the governor famously announced he was in favor of killing babies right after they’re born. That insane statement disgusted Americans, forcing Virginia Democrats to table their third term abortion bill. Even the President of the United States denounced it during his SOTU.

But it only got worse. The governor was then exposed by a yearbook photo from 1984 that was included on his page—featuring a man in blackface and another in KKK garb. After that, we learned his lieutenant is facing sexual assault charges.

Then the AG of Virginia admitted he once wore blackface. Now another Virginia Democrat is getting tangled up in the scandals.

Phew! I need to catch my breath!

The series of scandals that have brought Virginia Democrats to their knees over the last week worsened after a new bombshell report was released on Wednesday night that alleges a Democratic lawmaker

knew about the sexual assault allegations against Democrat Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax for over a year…

Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) was made aware of the allegations directly from Fairfax’s accuser, Dr. Vanessa Tyson..

“Allegations of sexual assault need to be taken seriously,” Scott said in a statement to ABC News. “I have known Professor Tyson for approximately a decade and she is a friend. She deserves the opportunity to have her story heard.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Scott knew for a year about the allegations, but sat on them. He didn’t raise the alarm immediately, as Democrats would have if they were made against a conservative. Scott is now saying “allegations need to be taken seriously.” Then why did you wait so long? Were you worried about the election? Probably.

What does this have to do with 2020? Everything. These scandals are erupting just as Democrats try to repair their reputation. Millions of Americans have grown to despise Democrats, their party, and the corrupt liberal media that defends them. They continue to lose support among everyday Americans, especially as horrendous scandals erupt, they lie to our faces, and block a border wall that will keep us safe.

Honestly, what next? Democrats are going to drop bombs on the suburbs?

This is the perfect time for a man like Schultz to plunder the carcass that is the Democratic Party. He can steal support from people who are just tired of the left’s lies. It’ll give Trump a win, sure. But that was all but guaranteed, anyway.

It might be just the wakeup call the Democrats need. To stop lying, stop the games, and stop screwing with America’s future.

These are Democrats we’re talking about, though. So never mind.

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