Democrats Panic As Power Slowly Slips Out Of Their Fingers

Democrats have a big problem. Despite “winning” the White House in 2020, they saw a glimpse of the future. They lost seats in the House, as Republicans gained seats. Fear began to grow that in the next election, Republicans will be poised to take back the House. With the Senate in a 50-50 split, it would be even easier to win it back.

So, what have Democrats done to stave off this massive loss? Um… nothing. In fact, over the last year, Democrats seem to have gone out of their way to upset and outraged regular Americans. Democrats have endorsed Joe Biden’s toxic agenda, which has led to a border crisis, record inflation, the fall of Afghanistan, and surging crime.

On top of that, most Democrats in D.C. are blindly pushing a massive spending bill that few Americans want. So, should we really be surprised over this latest poll?

A poll from Quinnipiac University released Tuesday showed that a generic Republican on the ballot is favored to take back the House of Representatives in the midterm elections next year.

Forty-seven percent of the registered voters said they would rather see the Republican Party win control of the House, while only 44 percent of the registered voters said they would want the Democrats. There were also nine percent who did not give an opinion…

In response to the poll, National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg said, “Smart Democrats will consider retirement because Nancy Pelosi’s majority is doomed.” [Source: Breitbart]

Things were already looking bleak for old Nance and her party. Many established Democrats will be retiring after 2022, others have already vacated their seats. Progressive Democrats and their extremist views are alienating swing voters, giving conservatives a massive advantage.

What’s really shocking is how little Pelosi is trying to save her party. Again and again, we’ve seen this so-called “moderate” bow to the far-left wing of her party. Even though she knows their toxic agenda will result in major loses in 2022, Pelosi keeps pushing it.

That could suggest what some believe, that Pelosi will not seek reelection in 2022. Because she is bailing, she is trying to cash out big time with this socialist spending bill. She doesn’t even care about the future of the party in the House, because she’ll be long gone as the dust settles.

We don’t really know why Democrats are pushing such an unpopular agenda, with polls like this coming out. They don’t have Trump to blame this time around. They will be running solely on their own merits as elected officials. And they’ve done nothing this year to convince Americans they deserve to stay in office.

Do you think next year will be any different? As they get closer to the election, Democrats will have even less time to right this ship. Not that they are willing to.

The 2022 midterms could be a major bloodbath.

Author: James Thompson