Democrats Panic As Gun Sales Skyrocket Again

Every day, more and more Americans are choosing to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights by purchasing a firearm. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, background checks reached even higher figures for the month of February 2021 compared with February 2020.

2020 was already a record setting year for sales of firearms, but 2021 is trending to beat it. NSSF reports that there was “an increase of 7.2 percent” in a comparison between the past two Februaries.

Panic buying has been partially driven by the Democrats plot to ram through gun control legislation without stopping for debate or hearings. At the same time, the Biden administration is plotting out executive actions that can be taken to hamstring American’s rights to defend themselves.

Mark Oliva, Director of Public Affairs for NSSF said that the Democrats willingness to “[ignore] the will of their voters,” was “tone-deaf.” 

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