Democrats Panic After Super Tuesday–Their Worst Fears Are Coming True

Yesterday was a big day for the Democratic primaries, as fourteen states cast their ballots. Establishment Democrats hoped Super Tuesday would settle the race—giving Biden an unstoppable lead. But the Bernie momentum was still strong. And now they are looking at the worst-case scenario.

It’s been pretty entertaining to watch the Democratic primaries unfold. And by entertaining, I mean grueling. The debates were pointless. The speeches dull and dishonest. And I’m sure you, like me, are tired of the endless ads.

What’s truly remarkable, though, is the chance to watch a party collapse in real time. In 2020, Democrats are leaderless and visionless. They have no one with integrity and strength to unite the party. As it dies, we are watching far-left socialists take over. Socialists, by the way, who will not be able to win over most of America.

At the eleventh hour, establishment Democrats put all their chips behind Joe Biden. He was their last hope of stopping Bernie Sanders—and giving the nomination to a moderate. Super Tuesday was supposed to be a wash for the former VP. He should have enough votes to put Sanders to bed. But it didn’t work out that way.

Now, a split convention is all but a certainty.

Get ready for a long and grueling road ahead as Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders battle for the Democratic presidential nomination in a race that could possibly result in the country’s first contested major-party nominating convention in well over a half-century…

Now the race – essentially a two-candidate contest – advances through a calendar that provides promise and peril for both Biden and Sanders…

Bloomberg… acknowledged that the possibility of a contested Democratic nominating convention in July in Milwaukee was his only pathway to becoming the party’s standard-bearer. [Source: Fox News]

After Super Tuesday, Joe Biden leads with 381 delegates. Bernie Sanders is close behind with 336 delegates. Elizabeth Warren is fading fast with 43 delegates. And Mike Bloomberg is still around with 37 delegates.

Nobody is close to the needed 1,991 delegates to clinch the nomination. Super Tuesday should have given Biden such a lead, that Sanders would have been insignificant. But they are nearly neck-and-neck going into the Spring. Which means a brokered convention is most-likely going to happen, which will spell doom for the Democrats.

We know the party is dead. Socialists are taking over (led by Bernie). “Moderates” like Biden seem to lack any desire to actually lead. They flip-flop depending how the wind is blowing. Worse still (for them) is the fact that many have jumped ship to back Donald Trump.

If nobody can snag 1,991 delegates by the convention, party leaders will weigh in. You’d have to be crazy to think they’d cast their votes for a man like Bernie Sanders. It’s likely the DNC will do some political voodoo to make sure Biden gets the nod—cheating Sanders for a second time in four years.

What do you think that will do to the morale of Democrat voters? Do you think Sanders’ people will be happy to see him lose again? We’ve already seen what his most diehard supporters think. Some have admit on hidden camera video that “Milwaukee with burn,” if Sanders does not get the nomination.

A split convention will mean disaster for the left. Not only will their candidate lose to Trump (an already foregone conclusion), but their other races will end in flames. Americans will flock to the GOP as many liberals stay at home.

Why is this all happening? Two reasons. First, Barack Obama left the party weaker, not stronger. They seem to have no vision for the country, as party leaders sell out their values to globalists and D.C. corruption. Second, Donald Trump is winning for America. The Republican is keeping his promises, something Democrats haven’t done since… probably JFK.

Add to that their radical love affair with socialism, Democrats are getting what they deserve.

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