Democrats Panic After GOP All-Star Takes Another Seat

As the media continues to push the narrative that Democrats scored a massive victory in 2020, they ignore what’s really going on. The MSM might be strutting like the cats that ate the canary, but the reality is the left is falling apart. Even the NYT admitted the party is fighting itself. And now, they have more reason to despair.

Soon after Election Night, House Democrats had a call discussing the fallout. Some of that call was actually leaked to reporters who immediately posted it on Twitter. What we learned is that Democrats are far from happy over the outcome of the 2020 Election. They were expecting another blue wave that never hit. Instead of adding seats to Congress, they lost many.

Republicans made significant inroads in the House, slashing Pelosi’s majority to the point where she has little power. Come 2022, Democrats will be the odd-men-out. What’s even more remarkable that a new wave of female conservative politicians has taken these seats from Democrats—proof that if the future is female, it’s definitely not liberal.

And now we know yet another seat—this one in California—has been flipped by a Republican woman.

Republican Young Kim officially defeated incumbent Rep. Gil Cisneros (D-CA) Saturday in California’s 39th congressional district, marking the latest GOP victory in an election that has seen Democrats lose seats nationwide while retaining a small majority in the House of Representatives…

The race was a rematch of the 2018 contest between Kim, a former state legislator, and Cisneros, a Navy veteran and philanthropist. In 2018, Kim led on Election Night but lost as mail-in ballots were counted over several days.

The same happened this year — but in reverse, as Republicans adopted some of Democrats’ “ballot harvesting” tactics. [Source: Breitbart]

Ballot harvesting is perfectly legal in California, so Democrats shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that Kim used it to her advantage. This was the second Orange County congressional seat flipped by the GOP in the mostly liberal state.

That’s pretty remarkable to say the least. Democrats thought they had California under their thumb. They didn’t expect Republicans ever to win the state again—certainly not for crucial House seats. Instead, Democrats are watching as California voters are rejecting policies that brought a record number of homeless, skyrocketing cost of living, and a drug policy that is destroying their communities.

Oh, Kim and her ally Michelle Steel (who flipped the other seat) are the first Korean-American women ever elected to the House of Representatives. A clear victory for another who celebrates diversity and equality in this country. But don’t expect the MSM to write cover stories about these women, because both are Republicans.

It’s not too incredible to think that come next election, the House will look very different from what we’ve seen before. Democrats are more worried than they’re willing to admit.

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