Democrats Paint Trump As ‘The Boogeyman’ During Trial

Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyer, Bruce Castor, made the painfully obvious argument to kick off the Democrats’ phony impeachment trial: 

The Democrats are terrified of Donald Trump.

Instead of relying on their ability to govern or strength in policy, the Democrats are forcing an unlikely and unpopular impeachment through without any Constitutional basis. Why? Because they fear more Donald Trump. They can’t imagine a political arena with Trump there to mess up their perfect plan for total domination. 

In one of Castor’s opening statements he quickly said the quiet part out loud. “We are really here because the majority of the House of Representatives does not want to face Donald Trump as a future political opponent.” 

Fear of the American people is what the House Democrats would care not to admit. They fear Trump’s grassroots popularity, his massive (and still rising) support amongst Americans of every walk of life. Castor argued this point beautifully. 

Castor highlighted America’s rich history of past presidents being voted out after one term. However, the Democrats fail to realize it’s the American people who decide whether a president serves one term or two, not Congresspeople. 

Referring to the 2020 election of Joe Biden, Castor said, “It happens. The people decide they don’t want the same administration and they know how to change it and they just did.” 

Democrats should allow the American people to decide if Donald Trump ever becomes president again, not representatives and senators in the Congress. 

The impeachment trial has proven to be unnecessary and politically detrimental to the only party that supports it. 

Throughout America’s history, voters have been trusted to choose the next president and it’s worked 100% of the time. The Democrats seek to destroy the trajectory of American history by marking Trump and stripping liberties away from the American people. 

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