Democrats’ New Relief Bill Conveniently Leaves Out These Americans

Earlier in the summer, Democrats tried to push a ridiculous spending bill. Calling it a COVID relief package, the goal was just to bail out Democrat states that have been in debt for years. Now, they’re back at it again, with a smaller bill still aimed at saving blue states. But what they refused to fund has Republicans outraged.

President Trump and Republicans have demanded additional relief for Americans suffering from the COVID panic. Early in March and April, they passed packages that provided some money for individuals and small businesses. But in many parts of the country, people are suffering. The president wanted more stimulus for people.

Democrats, in response, created a massively bloated bill that handed out cash to failed liberal states. Democrat-run states like California and New York have been in debt for years. It had nothing to do with COVID, but with the reckless spending of out-of-control Democrats. But clearly, Pelosi and House Democrats thought they could use the pandemic as a chance to shell out big (taxpayer) bucks to their crooked allies.

But their idiotic $3.4 TRILLION package was rejected by Republicans. Now, they’re at it again. Oh, they still want to bail out Democrat states. The bill still is huge, at $2.2 trillion. But what they cut out will have you shocked.

House Democrats’ latest $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief legislation removes $600 million for policing programs — raising eyebrows from Republicans during this moment of nationwide protests and racial unrest…

But stripped away in the latest version that the House is debating this week is $300 million for Community Oriented Police Services Programs (COPS) that helps hire and rehire additional officers and $300 million for Byrne Justice Assistance Grants to help law enforcement purchase personal protective equipment and to cover costs to control coronavirus in prisons. [Source: Fox News]

Democrats must think we’re stupid, huh? They ignored the virus for months, as Trump was raising the alarm. (Pelosi even urged people to travel to San Francisco in February.) When it was too late, they slammed their states with unreasonable and abusive lockdowns. Then, they turned a blind eye to protests and riots that obviously violated their own lockdown rules.

These liberal leaders put hard-working Americans out of work—and now they want to take billions from taxpayers to bail out their own failed states.

Are they still taking crazy pills?

Now, their latest bill doesn’t even provide funding for police. Hey, idiots! If you were going to take something out of the new package, why take out the one thing that was actually going to help?

Major cities have been rocked by endless rioting and looting. Democrat-supported rioters have nearly destroyed their own cities. Cops are being targeted by radical anarchists. Yet Democrats in D.C. don’t even bat an eye.

Democrats have stalled relief funding to save their own skins. They deny Americans help coming and going. They shut down your businesses and then prevented you from getting relief. And, as your homes and cities burned, they promised to defund the one group that could protect you.

Gee, it’s like Democrats want us all dead!

That can’t be right, can it?

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