Democrats Lose It As Key Demographic Flees To The GOP

It’s no secret that Joe Biden has been a cancer for his party. After making many boasts and promises during the 2020 Election, he’s failed to accomplish even a single win during his first year. Worse than that, his broken policies have triggered numerous crises—with no end in sight.

We shouldn’t be surprised to learn that many people who had previously supported Biden are now ditching him. His failures continue to drag down the party, which suffered losses from key races in this off-election year. But now, data is pouring in that Democrats are losing support among a group that they must have to win.

America’s 46th president and his Democratic Party has been losing Latino support ever since [2020], with new polling showing Republicans now dead even among Hispanic voters headed into the pivotal 2022 elections that will determine control of Congress…

It’s a dynamic that the news media can no longer ignore as Biden policies that opened the border, grew violent crime and exploded inflation alienated a constituency that had been long key to Democratic electoral strategies. [Source: Just the News]

Hispanics make up about 14% of the U.S. population, which puts them equal to or just ahead of black Americans. As one of the largest minority groups in the country, they are absolutely needed by Democrats in order for them to win elections. And recent polls reveal Hispanics are turning from the left and rushing to join the GOP.

This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone paying attention. According to some reports, Hispanics are some of the most business-minded people in the world. Hispanic Americans especially love starting new businesses and building wealth. How are they going to do that, when Joe Biden is tanking the economy?

Not only that, but Democrats horribly miscalculated their strategy, when they pushed for the open border. Biden and his party stupidly assumed Hispanic Americans would embrace this move, assuming they were themselves illegal aliens. Big mistake, Joe, big mistake.

Hispanic Americans are one of the strongest groups in favor of securing the border. They flocked to Trump, because of his promise of a border wall. In addition to that, they are just as disgusted with Democrats’ weak stance on crime as anyone else. Especially Hispanic business owners, who stand to lose fortunes due to unchecked crime waves.

And that’s not to mention how Hispanics do not support Democrats’ headlong push into socialism. Many Hispanics left South America because of the rise of socialism. They certainly don’t want it here, in the U.S.

It seems Democrats assumed all Hispanic Americans were poor, criminals who love socialism and come from illegal immigrant families. They made wild, insulting assumptions about this group and are suffering the consequences. We shouldn’t be surprised to see more Hispanics ditch the Democratic Party in the coming years, as liberals keep failing on basic promises.

Author: Peter Jones