Democrats Lose It After Trump Unveils Genius-Level Plan For America

One of Trump’s most trusted political advisors revealed that paperwork for a new super PAC for the Former President could be filed as soon as April 1st.

“We will file paperwork starting in the second quarter of this year,” Corey Lewandowski revealed.

Describing the details of the new super PAC, Lewandowski said it’s a “large money entity designed to move Trump’s America First agenda forward in 2022 and 2024.”

Then-President Trump formed his own leadership PAC in November following the debacle of the 2020 presidential election. After leaving office he converted his leadership PAC, “Save America” into a fundraising committee that can support candidates other than himself for office.

Around the same time, Trump decided on forming a new Super PAC, naming Lewandowski as head of the committee to ensure the election of America First Republicans.

Trump remains as popular as ever with Republican voters and has become a tastemaker within the GOP. His endorsement of Republican candidates is seen as a sure-fire path toward electability. Trump’s influence has geared the party toward populism – an extension of his America First agenda – and away from the RINO Republicans on the Party’s past. The Former President continues to flirt with a possible 2024 run for president.

Trump has vowed to assist the Republican Party in winning back majorities in both Congressional Houses, and he’s made good on his promise. He’s begun handing out endorsements for the 2022 election cycle, often supporting primary challengers to Republican candidates who refused to help him overturn the phony 2020 election results.

An endorsement from President Trump is now seen as the difference between victory and defeat.

Author: Jack Cassiday

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