Democrats Lose Control Of Their Own Impeachment Hoax

The Democrats are quickly losing control of Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. 

House impeachment managers were forced to strike false statements from the record just as they were hoping to wrap up day 2 of the proceedings. Chaos erupted after a GOP senator demanded a retraction, creating procedural and strategic confusion for the managers. 

The specific incident in question arose after Democrat impeachment manager, Rep. David Cicilline, recalled a fake news story that President Trump called Sen. Lee by accident when he meant to call Sen. Tuberville after senators were evacuated from the Senate floor during the Capitol protests of Jan. 6. 

Sen. Lee clearly believed his actions and the characterization of the call as attributed to him were totally inaccurate. The GOP lawmaker sought to have Cicilline’s comments stricken from the record as the Senate moved to wrap up proceedings:

With little to no precedent, a remarkable moment occurred. Sen. Pat Leahy, the man presiding over the impeachment trial of Trump, immediately rejected Sen. Lee’s motion to strike the false statements from the record. Lee quickly appealed the rejection and demanded a vote to settle the issue. After several confusing moment with leadership, Leahy agreed and a Senate vote ensued. As roll was being called, Chuck Schumer, sensing control slipping away, intervened and demanded a stop to the vote. Schumer then enforced a sneaky procedural move, essentially pausing the Senate’s formal business off-camera while senators handle the dispute. 

After many moments of back room debate, lead impeachment manger Raskin was forced to admit Cicilline’s characterization of Lee as it related to the phone call with Trump was in fact based on false news reports, was inaccurate, and should be withdrawn from the record. 

“It’s not true,” Sen. Lee shouted over Raskin. 

The chaos on the Senate floor is unlikely to change any votes in either direction as Trump’s acquittal is inevitable. However, this mistake from the Democrat impeachment managers will surely draw attention away from their core “facts” of the case and onto drama in the U.S. Senate. Trump’s defense team would be wise to seize the opportunity to capitalize on Democrats’ failure to run their trial. 

This incident draws significant attention to the sinister reality of Sen. Leahy’s role in the impeachment trial after Supreme Court Justice Roberts declined to preside. Since Leahy is a senator, and was there on Jan. 6, he officially serves as presider, juror and witness in Trump’s impeachment trial, while also maintaining a role as a political opponent of the accused. The obvious conflict of interest is presenting a number of problems for the Democrats, weakening their case even further. 

Nonetheless, despite the trial’s near certain outcome Democrats are pushing forward with their phony trial. They will continue their opening arguments as the week proceeds. After that, Trump’s attorneys will have a chance to present their opening arguments. 

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