Democrats Lose An Entire Voting Group To Their ‘Woke’ Agenda — 2022 Is In The Bag

If Democrats are going to survive over the next few elections, they need support from a variety of demographics. They are rapidly losing voters among white Americans, especially suburban moms who have been burned by their far-left agenda in public schools. But things are getting worse in groups the left thought they had under their thumb for years.

Black voters have been ditching the Democratic Party in droves. A record number voted for Trump in previous elections. Democrats do not have a winning strategy to lure black Americans back onto the liberal plantation. But now, things are getting even worse for a booming demo that the left absolutely needs to win. And they are ditching the left, thanks to the left’s own woke nonsense.

Only 2% of U.S. Hispanic voters describe themselves as “Latinx,” and 40% say the gender-neutral term bothers or offends them, according to a poll released Monday by Democratic consulting firm Bendixen & Amandi International.

Most respondents, 68%, describe their background as “Hispanic,” while 21% use “Latina/Latino.”

The use of “Latinx” may cause issues for Democrats, Politico reported. More Hispanics are voting for Republicans due to cultural issues, and using “Latinx” – a term popular with leftist activists and academics – does not help…

Democrat Joaquin Blaya, a founder of Spanish-language network Univision, objected to the term because it’s “too weird. It’s dumb. It’s foreign. It’s not Spanish.” [Source: Just the News]

What!? Do you mean that a fake word made up by PC woke liberals isn’t impressive to Hispanic Americans? You could have fooled me!

What moron decided it was appropriate to change the language of an entire group of people? I guarantee you it wasn’t a Hispanic person who decided to erase the cultural and grammatical elements of his own language to come up with “Latinx.” That stinks of some braindead, “woke” college professor who thought it would be more “inclusive.”

But whoever did it was pretty stupid. Anyone can tell you that Spanish, like many languages, uses words that are either masculine or feminine. Words ending in “o” are masculine, while words ending in “a” are feminine. I’m sure you can follow the logic from there. “Latino” refers to men and “Latina” refers to women.

That’s how Hispanic (and Spanish) people have been speaking for centuries. Yet some woketard thought it was okay to upend an entire culture’s language so no discernable reason.

We shouldn’t be surprised that so many Hispanic Americans hate that word. Not only is it nonsense, but it degrades their cultural identity. How ironic, huh? Democrats pride themselves on inclusivity and respecting other people’s heritage. Yet they are the ones trying to destroy Latino culture, not conservatives.

But that’s not the only reason Hispanic voters are ditching the left. Their values as a people are not being represented by a party that is anti-family, pro-LGBT, pro-transgenderism, and pro-illegal immigration. Hispanic Americans do not truck with those issues and believe Biden and his party is bad for them.

So, going back to “Latino” won’t be enough to fix the left’s problem.

Author: Sam Maxwell