Democrats Introduce Bill That Targets Just One Person — Guess Who?

President Donald Trump really is living rent free in the minds of the Democrats. 

The radical House dems recently introduced legislation barring Donald Trump from receiving any presidential commemoration. The bill would ban Trump’s name from any federal projects, lands, buildings and roads. 

While Donald Trump’s name isn’t specifically named in the bill, the Democrats secretly crowbarred in a stipulation applying the bill to any former president twice impeached — Trump being the only one in history. 

Dubbed ‘No Glory For Hate Act,’ this bill, introduced by House Democrats, further illuminates the growing resentment and hear the Democrats have over Trump and his increasing popularity with Americans. 

“Donald Trump poured gasoline an his giant pile of lies, fueled by racism and bigotry. He lit the match on Jan 6,” Rep. Sanchez droned on. 

The ‘No Glory For Hate Act’ specifically bars federal funds from being used to “create or display any statue, symbol or monument any former president twice impeached by the House,” Going even further, the bill bans “any federal building, subway, highway, park, street, military installation, or other Federal property.”

The spiteful bill would also prevent President Trump from being buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

In addition, the bill completely strips every benefit granted to former presidents if he/she was twice impeached. Secret service protection would not be affected by the bill. 

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