Democrats Get a Huge Surprise After Blaming ‘White Man’ For Shooting

Several prominent liberals rushed to blame “white man” for a recent Boulder, Colorado shooting without knowing the shooter’s identity. 

The shooter in question is not white. In fact, he’s originally from the Middle East. This tiny detail has derailed many of the liberals that were quick to assume, forcing them to delete their premature, racial-charged tweets

Race and Inclusion editor” from USA Today  Hemal Jhaveri kicked off the day’s white bashing with this tweet: 

Author and lawyer Qasim Rashid tweeted:

Even VP Kamala Harris’ niece jumped the gun: 

Harris since deleted the tweet, explaining she assumed the shooter was white because he was taken into custody alive.

Prominent liberal journalist CJ Werleman tweeted: 

Feminist author Amy Siskind tweeted:

And to top it off, the most radical Congressperson in America’s history Rep. Ilhan Omar piled on: 

The Boulder shooter has been identified as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, of Arvada, Colorado. 

A closer look at his Facebook page reveals strong praise for Islam and shame for not having a girlfriend. His page also reveals that he’s originally from Syria. 

By: Yuri Turgenev 

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