Democrats Fall Flat On Their Face During Latest Primary Election

Democrats seem to love to mess with our elections. We saw all last year how they tried to push rule changes and other measures to make voting “easier” during the pandemic. They pushed mail-in ballots, but without signature verification. They wanted drop off ballot boxes everywhere, so anyone can stuff them. And they love “ballot harvesting” a scheme that can produce fraudulent ballots.

So, it should come as no surprise that Democrats in New York City want to implement a strange system called “rank choice.” Instead of requiring voters to select one and only one candidate, they can choose several candidates, ranking them in order. While this sounds like a good idea, it can end up leading to someone winning, even though they weren’t most voters first choice.

Sounds odd, right? Almost like a scheme to help Democrats once again game the system?

Well, don’t worry about it taking off in other areas. Because in the very first election using this system, Democrats failed big time.

The Democratic primary for mayor of New York City was thrown into a state of confusion Tuesday when election officials retracted their latest report on the vote count after realizing it had been corrupted by test data never cleared from a computer system…

Just before 10:30 p.m. it released a statement saying that 135,000 ballot images it had put into its computer system for testing purposes had never been cleared.

The vote happened last Tuesday, and the final result is still unknown, with 125,000 absentee ballots still uncounted. [Source: AP]

Lol, wow. New York is trying to show off a new “ranking” voting system—yet they screw up the very first time they use it!

Apparently, these Einsteins “forgot” to clear 135,000 fake ballots that were used in the testing phase. That sounds like something that should have been automatic, right? Who was in charge of resetting the system after the test run? And why was the test run done so close to the real election, creating this situation in the first place?

All reasonable questions, I think, but ones we’ll probably never get answers to. While this all sounds like just a simple mistake, it harkens back to other times in recent history when election workers “forgot” to do something.

We remember how in 2020, Georgia election workers “forgot” to upload ballots from several thumb drives. Thousands of ballots were nearly left uncounted, in a presidential election. There were all sorts of “mistakes” and “irregularities” like that in the 2020 election, which is still marred under a shroud of controversy.

Was this New York race a similar situation? We can’t be sure. At the very least, someone caught the mistake and is trying to fix it. But what if nobody noticed the error? Someone could have won that didn’t deserve to win. The entire democratic process could have been undermined, because of an obvious flaw in this system.

Rank choice aside, if you don’t know how to properly use your voting system, you probably shouldn’t be using it.

Author: Sam Anderson