Democrats Fail To Knock Donald Trump Off His Throne

Despite launching every possible attack possible at Donald Trump (minus assassination), the Democrats have failed to sway American voters away from the Make America Great Again movement.

As a matter of fact their efforts have inspired more and more Americans to see the light and go MAGA.

Former President Donald Trump’s approval rating has increased since he left office a year ago, and nearly 9 in 10 Republicans now have a favorable view of him.

This week showcased Trump’s rise and successor Joe Biden’s fall, with 52% of voters revealing that they have a favorable impression of the former president. Some 47% don’t.

Among Republicans, 85% have a favorable view, with 63% declaring a “very favorable” opinion. Even 23% of Democrats and 51% of independents agree.

When he left office on Jan. 20, 2021, Trump’s Rasmussen approval rating was 51%. And his GOP approval was 84%, so he has actually increased support.

The survey, like others before it, shows that many Republicans are sticking with Trump despite efforts by legacy media and Democrats to ridicule the 45th president and blame him for the Jan. 6 Capitol riots and dividing the nation.

Trump has hinted strongly that he plans a comeback effort and will run for president in 2024. Biden has said that if Trump follows through, he will run for reelection.

A second poll provided by Rasmussen, however, shows that many voters don’t think Biden will win.

In that survey, just 28% of voters predicted Biden’s reelection. “Voter confidence in President Joe Biden’s ability to do the job remains low and most don’t expect a second term for the oldest president in U.S. history,” said Rasmussen.

Without naming a candidate, 37% said that they expect Biden to be defeated by a GOP challenger, and 21% said he would resign before his term ends, presumably elevating Vice President Kamala Harris.

And just 55% of Democrats said Biden would win a second term, while 21% said he would be defeated.

Added Rasmussen in a telling statistic, “Just 37% of voters believe Biden is really doing the job of president, while a majority (53%) think others are making decisions for him behind the scenes and another 10% are not sure.”

With these numbers it’s no wonder the Democrats are working overtime to prevent Trump from ever holding office again.

Good luck.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth