Democrats Enraged as Trump Saves The Lives Of Millions

President Trump has taken many steps to protect the lives of Americans, including those unborn or newly born. As Democrats push for more radical abortion policies, including all the way up to (and after) birth, Trump is fighting back. His latest order requires that anyone born alive will receive medical care, even if they were aborted.

Once upon a time, Democrats considered abortion a “necessary evil.” They claimed not to love it, but that it was a “right” for a woman. Today, that’s far from their stance. Democrats celebrate abortion and want it available for any reason at any point in a pregnancy. Some have even called for post-birth abortion. Joe Biden (claiming to be a pro-life Catholic) wants to expand abortion, with abortion-on-demand.

They have even alienated and ostracized any Democrats left that support pro-life views.

Why the shift? Why do Democrats celebrating the taking of a child’s life with hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion? Can they really be that evil?

Well, when you’re a group of socialists that wants to control the population, you need abortion to keep the numbers down. Expanding abortion is necessary, if Democrats want to provide universal healthcare and other socialist restrictions.

But who is one of the few leaders actually fighting back? President Trump. Where Joe Biden wants to see an increase in the deaths of American children, Trump is working to ensure all children that come out of the womb alive, stay alive.

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he will sign an executive order guaranteeing medical care to infants who survive failed abortion attempts, bringing the weight of the federal government behind the Born Alive Act…

“Today I am announcing that I will be signing the Born-Alive Executive Order to ensure that all precious babies born alive, no matter their circumstances, receive the medical care that they deserve. This is our sacrosanct moral duty,” Trump said.

CNA reports that, while the executive order is still under wraps, it is expected to mirror the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act — a piece of legislation that is regularly introduced in Congress but has yet to pass. [Source: Daily Wire]

A similar bill, which would carry more weight, has been brought to Congress numerous times. Of course, pro-choice Democrats have always shot it down. Now, the president is using the power of the federal government to enact some of its measures.

The order will require health care practitioners to provide the same degree of care to an abortion survivor as they would to any child born alive. The child must be admitted to the hospital. A person who violates the requirements can face criminal penalties. On top of that, anyone that intentionally kills a child born alive will be prosecuted for murder.

The specific portions of the bill to be added to Trump’s order have not been revealed. An executive order cannot do the same thing as a bill signed into law, but the president can direct federal agencies to support aspects of the Born Alive mandate.

Naturally, Democrats were quick to complain about the announcement. It’s as if they don’t want healthy, living children in this country.

Remember, Democrat Nancy Pelosi accused Trump and the GOP for “coming after your children” by appointing a new Supreme Court justice. Yet they’re not the ones fighting for more abortions in this country. President Trump is literally saving lives every day, yet the left calls him a fascist dictator.

President Trump also announced his administration is increasing funding for neonatal research, to improve medical care for unborn children. Wow, he really is going after kids, huh?

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