Democrats Dreams Of Mail-In Voting Crushed – They Didn’t Expect This

Democrats thought they could use the pandemic to push mail-in voting. Pelosi wanted billions to fund a plan that would lead to thousands of lost or late ballots and open the door to epic voter fraud. President Trump strongly rejected mail-in voting and urged Americans to safely vote in person. Now, a new poll reveals that a majority of Americans are taking his advice.

No matter how you slice it, mail-in voting is a bad idea. Who would have thought that mass-sending millions of ballots to addresses, without verifying the residents, would be a bad thing? Democrats claim that thanks to COVID, it’s far too “dangerous” to vote in person.

Garbage. Most states are far in the clear of the “curve” with cases and deaths plunging everywhere. Most states have reopened to a large degree, with reasonable measures in place at stores, restaurants, and service centers. If you can get a haircut, buy groceries, or go to church, you can vote in person.

More than that, recent stories have revealed that sending your all-important ballot through the mail might end in disaster. In California and New York, thousands of ballots were rejected because they were postmarked late. Photos revealed that some ballots were abandoned in an apartment hallway. In New Jersey, a mail truck full of ballots was set ablaze.

And it looks like most Americans agree: mail-in voting is not ready for prime time.

A solid majority of registered U.S. voters plans to vote in-person during the presidential election this year, despite the ongoing pandemic that has kept Americans away from public place and larger gatherings, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen…

Six out of every 10 voters plan to cast their ballots at a polling place in November, while 33% plan to vote by mail. Just 7% are undecided. [Source: Just the News]

What’s even more interesting is that more Republicans and Independents plan to vote in person, 77% and 56% respectively. Only 46% of Democrats plan to vote in person. That suggests that about half of voting Democrats (the half that will vote for Biden) will do so by mail.

How will that shape up Election Day? Those foolish enough to vote by mail might not get their ballots in on time. Their ballots might actually be lost. Meanwhile, everyone voting for Trump will show up at the polls—and their votes will be counted instantly.

People who actually believed the left’s narrative about mail-in voting might not actually get their votes counted. Democrats have already talked about dragging out the results of the election for weeks, if not months, to come. But that is only relevant if the election by election night is too close to call. If one of the candidates has a clear majority of votes—thanks to in-person voting—then there won’t be a dragged-out process.

Which candidate do you think will have a clear majority?

From all appearances, enthusiasm for the Democrats’ ticket is lower than it was in 2016. Biden has not done a single live event in months—and no rallies to speak of. Their virtual-only DNC was a flop. Even picking far-left Kamala Harris was a mistake, as it actually hurt Biden’s chances.

Then you have the fact that Democrats have been defunding police and letting rioters destroy their cities. Joe Biden continues to show signs of mental decline, repeatedly insulting black voters and others. It seems the only “advantage” Democrats have is the dishonest mainstream media—which everyone in America hates—much like in 2016.

Mail-in voting or no mail-in voting, things aren’t looking good for Democrats.

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