Democrats Decry DeSantis’ “Banned Books” — Fail To Mention What’s In Them

Liberals are quick to bemoan this or that issue but they always fail to accurately represent what they’re actually protesting against.

Case in point: Massive liberal outrage erupted this week after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis banned certain textbooks from elementary schools. This spurred hysteria like never before, but libtards failed to mention what was actually inside these textbooks.

Florida’s Department of Education released examples of critical race theory in mathematics textbooks, including one book that claimed conservatives are more racially prejudiced than liberals, according to a press release.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office announced earlier this week that the state’s education department rejected 41% of the math textbooks for reportedly including “indoctrinating concepts” and Common Core standards.

[source: The Daily Caller]

Florida’s education department released examples of CRT material Thursday after they received multiple requests from the public to view the alleged controversial books, according to a press release.

One textbook showed students a bar graph that measures racial prejudice by political identification. The graph shows that conservatives are reportedly more racist than liberals, citing data from the debunked Race Implicit Association Test.

A separate page highlighted the concept of “social-emotional learning,” which is steeped in the tenets of critical race theory.

DeSantis’s spokeswoman Christina Pushaw initially claimed “copyright” issues prevented the office from immediately sharing specific examples.

The state education department and governor’s office have not provided information on which textbooks included CRT-related material versus those that were axed for Common Core standards. DeSantis’ spokeswoman claims that the governor’s office is not privy to specifics on which books were rejected.

Mainstream news outlets and left-wing activists capitalized on the slow release of CRT examples to criticize Americans who take issue with racial and gender ideology being pushed in public schools.

CRT-inspired materials in textbooks are popping up around the country, according to multiple reports. Paradise Valley Unified School District in Arizona also considered adding a math textbook that claimed conservatives are more racist than liberals.

Other examples include a public school district in Missouri asking questions on math homework about the sexual abuse of a minor, according to DeSantis’ spokeswoman. Another question asked about a mother who worked as a “pimp, prostitute,” and “Night Club Dancer.” Other listed answers include “bookie” and “drug dealer.”

Critical race theory-inspired materials are popping up in state-wide curriculum standards as well. Seattle Public Schools designed its K-12 mathematics curriculum around ethnic studies, according to the district’s website. Oregon’s Department of Education insisted that asking students to show their work was a form of “white supremacy.”

Author: Melanie Poille