Democrats Chances At 2022 Vanish Before Their Eyes

Democrats in D.C. are in a pretty bad situation. They only had this year to get through most of Biden’s agenda. Why only this year? Because 2022 is just around the corner, and they are sure to lose the House.

Democrats lost many seats in the House in the 2020 Election. Republicans, on the other hand, held onto all their seats and picked up more. They reduced Pelosi’s majority to a measly handful of seats. And Republicans continue to build momentum going into the midterms.

Meanwhile, what have Democrats done over the last year to ensure support from voters? Let’s see: they created massive inflation, destroyed our energy independence, created a border crisis, ignored rising crime, botched the vaccine rollout, and helped Biden destroy Afghanistan.

All the while, they lecture Americans about how bad we are as they push radical “woke” views.

But now they have another thing to worry about: Republican-controlled state legislatures. And these guys are playing for keeps.

A recent report from Politico showed the House Democrats would have a hard time keeping their majority after redistricting finalizes throughout the country.

Democrats are struggling as they try to find candidates to run for office and possibly see no way to expand the seat they are looking to flip due to the redistricting. Additionally, many members are looking to retire or run for higher office…

With redistricting, the House Republicans can hit the reset button, looking to pick up seats in the midterms to hoist themselves into the majority after almost getting into the majority last year. Besides Spartz’s district in Indiana, Politico indicated there are other battleground districts that either have Republican seats that will become redder or seats with vulnerable Democrats they hope to pick off.

States such as South Carolina, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, Utah, and Texas, will be key for the Republicans, according to Politico. [Source: Breitbart]

Congressional districts aren’t set by lawmakers in D.C., but state legislatures. And Republicans picked up a majority in many states last year, meaning they have the power to redraw districts going into 2022. Do you think they are going to do anything that gives Democrats an advantage?

The last election has given us a glimpse into what’s to come. Many moderate Democrats lost their seats to Republicans, thanks to how radical the party is getting. They wept during a call with Pelosi and party leaders, because socialists like AOC are turning off voters in swing districts. Since then, the party has bowed again and again to the far left, further alienating potential voters.

Democrats are unable or unwilling to defy the radical wing of their party and support moderate candidates. This will compel more voters in key districts to support Republicans, who strongly oppose socialism and other far-left ideas.

On top of that, Republicans will make sure they redraw district lines to erase current Democrat-held seats, taking away their incumbent status. They will also make sure Democrats don’t have any voter advantage, leveling the play-field.

The last time Republicans had a majority in the House, many of their members were RINOs. But this time, it will be fresh American First conservatives ready to fight. How will Joe Biden like a Republican-controlled House, with Kevin McCarthy as Speaker?

Not very much at all.

Author: Patrick Graham