Democrats Celebrate As Gas Prices Drop a ‘Whopping’ 2 Cents

One of Biden’s biggest failures has been in America’s energy sector. But it seems, it was something he was trying to do all along. Biden pushed regulations that crippled American oil and gas production. The result has been skyrocketing fuel costs, especially at the pump. Only months into the year did Biden appear to care.

But of right now, he has done little to properly address the problem.

This could be because the man, being used by radical environmentalists, has no intentions of fixing the problem. He vowed to get rid of the oil industry during the campaign, after all. Why would he do anything to help it? But don’t worry, Democrats were on hand to thank Joe for a recent drop in gas prices. A two-cent drop.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) faced widespread backlash on Thursday afternoon for bragging that President Joe Biden had caused gas prices to drop by 2 cents per gallon, a claim that may not even be accurate given that oil prices plummeted in response to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus…

The Washington Post ripped the tweet as potentially being “the worst defense of the Biden administration yet,” […]

Daniel Dale, CNN “fact-checker”: “This is parody-level misleading-with-axes stuff.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY): “Gas prices are up more than 50% since Dec 2020 and Dems are demanding you thank them.”

Ben Casselman, The New York Times: “This is the chart-crime equivalent of a Nigerian email scam.”

[Source: Daily Wire]

This is hilariously pathetic. The chart posted by Democrats literally showed gas prices in half-cent increments. And it only covered the span of a few days, ignoring the fact that gas prices have been skyrocketing all year long—and can go up at any moment. Yet the DCCC had the gall to thank Joe over this non-event.

They didn’t even bother to claim what Joe did to “lower” gas prices. Biden has failed to deal with this problem since the beginning. He’s ignored it for half the year. Then, he begged Saudi Arabia, Russia, and even China to pump more oil (while still preventing American companies to do so). He pretended like releasing some of our strategic oil reserves were going to do anything, but most of that oil was sold to China.

The mockery over this chart has not stopped. Everyone from the MSM to Republican pundits blasted Democrats for this measly “victory.” It harkens back to the White House’s pathetic attempt to claim Americans would save on this year’s Fourth of July cookouts, as hot dogs were a few cents cheaper.

Is this the standard Democrats have for success? Are they so delusional, they refuse to admit their deranged, corrupt leader has done nothing to help Americans this year?

I think we know the answer to that.

Author: Tom Smith