Democrats Attack Your Gun Rights with Crazy New Bill

For years, Democrats have been trying to erode our Second Amendment rights.

Often, they point to mass shootings or other crimes as reasons why law-abiding citizens should be deprived of protection.

These days, they are cooking up some seriously un-American proposals. In one state, they aim to violate—not only your Second Amendment rights—but your First Amendment rights as well.

Nobody in this country is happy about mass shootings. We are especially grieved by shootings that take place in public schools. No child should be scared that by going to school, they face a frightening death. Yet in recent years, there has been a growing trend of violence in our schools.

Whenever these atrocities happen, Democrats are quick to go after our guns. In their tiny minds, it’s the gun’s fault that these shootings happen. They never put the blame on those actually responsible: the shooters. No, the culprits are ignored, so that leftists can go after one of our most crucial rights.

What they refuse to acknowledge is that many shootings occur because of strict gun control. All public schools are “gun free” zones. Aside from a few safety officers (if there are even any there), no teacher, faculty member, or security guard is allowed to carry a gun. You know what that creates? A bunch of sitting ducks!

Democrats are blind to the fact that cities with the strictest gun laws have the worst gun violence. They are blissfully unaware that most gun-related crime isn’t committed by lone shooters, but gang members in the inner city. The very inner cities mostly run by Democrats. Hmm… I’m starting to see a pattern.

The real sources of gun violence are all but ignored by Democrats. But that’s okay! Because they are happy to force through laws that will not only make matters worse, but punish all Americans who responsibly own firearms.

In Illinois—where gun violence is so bad, it skews the national average—they are proposing a new bill that will violate your ability to buy a gun. It’s much worse than just that. This bill will give authorities the right to spy on your social media posts. Doing so will give them reason to deny you a license. In one law, both your Free Speech and Right to Bear Arms is destroyed.

Illinois Democrats are introducing a bill forcing gun buyers to reveal their public social media accounts to police before they are given permission to get a firearm license…

State Rep. Daniel Didech, a Democrat who’s pushing the bill, told CBS 2 Chicago: “A lot of people who are having mental health issues will often post on their social media pages that they’re about to hurt themselves or others,” adding that these people need “the help they need.”

A similar bill was introduced last year in New York that would require people looking to buy a gun in the state to submit their social media profiles and search history prior to purchase. [Source: Fox News]

These Democrats are trying to push a sob story about how previous shooters posted bad stuff on social media before committing crimes. They claim that “If only we knew ahead of time, we could have stopped them!”

Bullcrap. Plenty of people knew ahead of time that Nikolas Cruz—the Parkland shooter—was unstable and wanted to hurt people. We know of at least two people who reported him to the FBI. Authorities did nothing.

Passing a bill that requires cops to sift through years’ worth of social media to posts—just to determine if someone is “dangerous”—is complete nonsense. It is basically saying the government is going to judge you based on what you say—to decide if it will grant you a freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.

You can see where this is going. What if the cop looking at your Facebook page is a Democrat? And he is offended by your MAGA posts? What if the cop is some kind of feminist, social justice warrior and is disgusted by your pro-Trump, pro-America, pro-life stances? Right there, we see how this law could give people a reason to deny you your rights over your personal beliefs.

After all, Democrats are so unhinged these days, that they call decent, honest, hard-working Americans NAZI’s, just because they support the president.

This law—and the one proposed in New York—is an attempt to bully, silence, and censor Americans online. If you want to buy a gun in Illinois, you’re going to have to be careful what you say on social media! How is that American? That sounds more like Big Brother talk, to me.

In recent years, many conservatives noticed an increasingly-hostile environment on social media already. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many others are censoring and attacking conservatives, just for sharing their beliefs. It’s clear that, since the 2016 Election, social networks are trying to squash conservative users, to discourage future Republican victories. This law is simply another attempt at attacking your Free Speech online.

It’s not only conservatives, though, that are appalled by this attack.

The proposal in Illinois facing similar criticism, with Rebecca Glenberg of ACLU saying the bill doesn’t address what the police could do with the data, in addition to the First Amendment concerns.

“A person’s political beliefs, a person’s religious beliefs, things that should not play a part in whether someone gets a FOID card,” Glenberg told the station.

The Illinois State Rifle Association, meanwhile, said that everyone should be outraged by the intrusiveness of the bill. “When people look at this everyone who has a Facebook account or email account or Twitter account will be incensed or should be,” Richard Pearson said. [Source: Fox News]

When the ACLU is outraged over your left-wing bill, you know you are doing something wrong! But they are probably upset that this same bill targeting conservatives can also be used to deny Muslims and other groups from getting firearms.

The bottom line is, our freedoms are worth fighting for. We cannot let anyone, especially corrupt lawmakers, take them away from us.

Are you going to let them?

New Gun Bill Backed By Democrats Would Require All Buyers To Reveal Social Media History

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