Democrats Are Sweating as Trump Announces His Return

The day has come: Donald Trump is taking center-stage yet again to expose Joe Biden and his radical agenda.

It was announced just yesterday that the Former President will be speaking at a CPAC event in Dallas, Texas early July. This appearance marks perhaps Trump’s most influential public appearance since leaving office. In February he spoke at another CPAC event – this one in Orlando where he blasted Biden’s presidency and the RINOs currently infecting the Republican Party.

However, his Dallas speech will be the first since rumors of his 2024 run reach a boiling point – and as midterm election campaigns ramp up. Who knows? Maybe he will even announce his candidacy at the conservative event.

The theme for this year’s CPAC event will be ‘America UNCanceled’ and will feature top figures in the Republican sphere – From Gov. Kristi Noem, to Conservative investigative journalist James O’Keefe.

Head of the organization, Matt Schlapp took to twitter to announce Trump’s attendance.

“A corrupt alliance of Jim-Crow-shouting elected officials dead-set on destroying election integrity, Silicon Valley and Big Tech censorship czars, woke school boards poisoning our children’s minds and corporate CEOs, all while our legacy media conglomerates remain on life support working to silence and cancel the voices and right to vote for conservatives.”

The CPAC event in Dallas will be held from July 9-11.

Trump is entering into the most public phase of his post-presidency as he teases another White House bid in three years. Additionally, the Former President is currently facing the most serious legal threat of his career – a total witch hunt deployed by Democrat prosecutors in his home state.

A special grand jury has been formed to consider evidence that could result in criminal indictments against the Former President. The two-year investigation, led by Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr, is ramping up in an effort to take down Trump before he has the opportunity to make yet another splash in Washington D.C. The probe deals mostly in Donald Trump’s business dealings including, hush-money payments, employee compensation, and other financial “crimes.”

Trump has slammed the probe in a lengthy statement after news broke of the criminal investigation:

Author: Asa McCue