Democratic Party Continues to Crumble as Major Figure Turns on Democratic Frontrunner

The 2020 Democratic primaries have been one of the biggest farces in U.S. history. Liberals are convinced they have what it takes to beat Trump. But we’ve yet to see a clear winner among them. The first primary votes are about to be cast, yet the party seems to be tearing itself apart. Another notable Democrat is preparing to take down Sanders, as the establishment continues to attack him.

I have no love for Bernie Sanders. But it’s pretty clear that the Democratic Party wants him gone. The man has been in Congress for years, serving the people of Vermont. But it seems that all hell has broken loose against him in the last few weeks. I guess that’s gratitude, for ya.

It started with CNN’s attempt to paint him as a sexist. They claimed he told Elizabeth Warren a woman can’t win the election. They brought this up during the debate, even taking her side over Sanders. They later released audio of the two candidates bickering about it. Soon, more establishment Democrats came out attacking Sanders.

Hillary Clinton, who recently tried to smear liberal candidate Tulsi Gabbard, went on a tirade against Bernie Sanders. She said nobody likes him and nobody even wants to work with him. Ouch. Sanders put aside his problems to endorse this woman in 2016. This is how she repays him?

Now, it looks like another liberal heavy hitter is about to try to stop Bernie from getting the nomination.

“Former President Barack Obama has remained mostly silent through the early stages of the Democratic race to unseat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election but that may soon change… as avowed socialist Bernie Sanders gains in national polls and seems poised to obtain front-runner status”…

“Obama has told people in private that Sanders is both temperamentally and politically unfit to beat Trump in the 2020 general election”…

Sources told Fox Business that Obama was considering having to step in and attempt to deliver a knock out blow to the 78-year-old Senator. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow. Rumors are swirling that Barack Obama himself is preparing to come out against Bernie Sanders.

This might explain the sudden attacks on the Democrat candidate. Seemingly out of nowhere the establishment has drawn their knives to brutally eviscerate Sanders. Could it be it was on orders by Obama himself?

There definitely seems to be a coordinated effort by liberals to block Sanders’ nomination. Did Obama make the call?

It’s pretty sad, no matter how you slice it. Democrats are playing dirty across the field. They hatched a bogus impeachment against Donald Trump—the sole purpose of hurting his re-election chances.

Now, it seems they are trying to derail Bernie Sanders’ chances because they don’t think he can win the general election.

I agree, Sanders can’t beat Trump. But that’s just how democracy goes. You let the people decide whom they want to nominate. The elites of the party have no business pulling strings to get the person they want in the White House.

Both these instances, the impeachment and Sanders attacks, are clear examples of how Democrats don’t want a democratic America.

They are power-hungry crooks who are desperately fighting to wrest control back from the people. They are trying to install their candidate (either Biden or Warren) into the White House. A nice, good little puppet who will do whatever the globalists and lobbyists say.

The will of the people—either in the primaries or general election—doesn’t matter to Clinton, Obama, and the rest. They need to force their agenda, to drag the United States back to the dark ages. Back to a time when corrupt politicians bowed to the whims of corporations and foreign countries.

The only person standing in their way? Not Bernie Sanders, but Donald Trump. Democrats don’t think Sanders can beat him, so they are out to destroy one of their own.

How corrupt does a party need to get to turn one of their popular, well-known members? Pretty too corrupt, if you ask me.

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