Democrat Voters Desperate To Change Early Ballots

Ever since the final presidential debate, a peculiar trend has emerged. Millions of Americans are flocking to the Internet to look up this single question. It appears Google and other search engines are discovering that many want to find out if they can change their vote. In many states, they can, sparking concerns that Biden is going to lose, big time.

There were many factors working against Joe Biden from the very start. Even before he announced his candidacy last year, he was accused by many (liberal) women of inappropriate behavior. The so-called “moderate” has been outed by many as a secret leftist. He’s insulted African Americans more times than we can count. And, of course, he has dementia.

But still, there are a number of people who still wanted to vote for him, because he’s not Donald Trump. Not a great campaign strategy, not a winning one, but certainly one that might get you some support.

Then the lockdowns and riots hit and many blue voters suddenly realized the Democrats were orchestrating their doom. Trump won even more support over this year, thanks to Democrats’ horrible leadership and hypocrisy.

Yet, again, there were still some holdouts, convinced that anyone was better than the “racist” Trump, who was so racist he has invested in HBC’s, signed prison reform into law, invested billions into the inner city, and brought black unemployment to its lowest ever. Yep, we gotta get this guy out of office, huh?

Then came the final debate, where Joe Biden revealed he’ll end the oil industry. Suddenly, blue voters realized what a mistake they made. And they flocked to Google to find out one important question.

Since the second and final presidential debate, Google searches for “Can I change my vote” and similar inquiries have spiked, according to Google Trends. A rather significant trend, since more than 62 million votes have already been cast in the election via early poll voting, absentee ballots, and mail-in ballots and we’re still seven days out from Election Day.

The initial post-debate spike in Google searches was only matched Tuesday morning, after President Donald Trump tweeted to the American people that they can change their votes in some states.

“Strongly Trending (Google) since immediately after the second debate is CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE? This refers changing it to me. The answer in most states is YES. Go do it,” the president urged. “Most important Election of your life!” [Source: Daily Wire]

Many of the 62 million who already voted suddenly want to change their vote, after Biden revealed he wanted to destroy our economy. But the good news is, in many states you can. They include New York, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, Mississippi, Idaho, and Connecticut. The rules are different for each state, but many of them involve appearing at the polls on Election Day and requesting a change.

Fear most of these requests are for people switching from Trump to Biden? Never fear. Trump has always been open about his plans and policies. They are no surprise. But Joe? He’s been changing his policy again and again and even contradicts himself. He denied he ever said he’s eliminate fracking, even though we have countless moments on video of him doing it.

Only during the last debate did he reveal to the country that he’d end our oil industry. That was such a shocking blow to hundreds of thousands of workers—and millions of Americans who depend on oil for energy—that many suddenly realized they voted for the wrong man.

This is why, by the way, you shouldn’t vote early unless you’re convinced you picked the right guy. If you voted for Trump, you’ve got nothing to fear.

But if you flirt with the idea of voting for a Democrat… then you better wait until Election Day. Cuz, they’ll always do something to surprise you.

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