Democrat Stronghold Is About To Flip Blue – And This Proves It

The epic failure of the Biden administration does have one silver lining. It has energized the Republican Party like never before. Millions of voters who thought Biden was their salvation are having serious buyers’ remorse. And they are watching the rest of the Democratic Party ignore serious crises that are hammering our country.

Last week’s GOP victory in Virginia has shown us that even in blue states, Americans are ready to dump Democrats. Biden’s long list of failures has even inspired chants of “F*** Joe Biden” at nearly every sporting event from here to San Diego. Even the media’s clumsy attempt to cover it up has become an anthem against Biden.

And in Vermont, the Republican Party is celebrating this chant with a special event.

Over the weekend, the new chairman of the Vermont Republican Party announced that the party would hold a “Let’s Go Brandon” rally for GOP voters on Saturday, November 13, in the most appropriately-named city in the country: Brandon, Vermont…

Dame issued a statement that read in part…

“Joe Biden’s first year in office has proved to be the worst of any president in my lifetime… Most presidents try to act swiftly in the first 100 days, and President Biden has next to zero accomplishments as we approach the last 60 days of his first year.

President Biden has done nothing to help the people of Vermont, so VT Republicans are going to do something to support the people of Vermont. And we’re going to start in my own home town — Brandon, VT!” [Source: Daily Wire]

In addition to hosting a “Let’s Go Brandon” rally in Brandon, the party will also be selling related merchandise for the occasion. A brilliant strategy to both raise funds and give Americans an outlet for their anger. A portion of the funds raised will also be helping the Brandon Area Emergency Food Shelf.

This is such a clever move, it could have only come from Donald Trump himself. We don’t know if the 45th president will be involved in this rally, but we can help but see his fingerprints on this kind of move. If Trump did not give Paul Dame this idea, he certainly is rubbing off on the rest of the GOP in ways few could have expected.

It’s pretty ironic that the left’s attempt to cover up outrage against Joe has turned into a coded chant against him. Everyone knows that “Let’s Go Brandon” is a direct attack against Biden and his administration. And the trend is only growing.

Vermont, like most New England states, has a long history of voting Democrat. But times are changing. And if the GOP can muster up support for a “Let’s Go Brandon” rally? No state is safe from a flip. We could be seeing a major sea change across the country, as traditionally blue counties reject the increasingly socialist Democrats.

Outside of California, they might have zero strongholds in a short time.

Author: Michael Sanderson