Democrat Spreads Hilarious Conspiracy Theory During Hearings

Democratic senators have no real power to stop ACB from becoming a Supreme Court justice. So, they are using their time during these hearings to show America how absolutely insane they are. Some Democrats took cheap shots at Barrett’s faith. Others made wild accusations against the respected judge, wife, and mother. But one senator took the cake as he rambled on for his entire time, spewing the oddest conspiracy theory, ever.

You’d have to go to the darkest corners of the dark web to find the weirdest, most disturbing, most unbelievable conspiracy theories about our country. Or, you can watch a Senate hearing. Democrats don’t have the votes to block ACB from becoming a Supreme Court justice. But, because they are partisan children, they are using their time to annoy, obstruct, and slander.

It’s no secret that Amy Coney Barrett is a respected judge with an impeccable record. Those who have known and worked for her have nothing but good things to say. Her devout faith has only endeared her to millions of Americans, who do not share the God-hating sentiments of the far-left (also known as mainstream Democrats).

Democrats have no reason to oppose her appointment to the Supreme Court. In many ways, she will carry on the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as an accomplished and uncompromising justice—and icon from women. But it seems Democrats care more about their pride and power than doing the right thing.

That is the only reason we can find why Sheldon Whitehouse wasted the country’s time on the most idiotic theory ever to be spewed on the Senate floor.

On Tuesday, during the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Rhode Island Democratic senator and ardent leftist Sheldon Whitehouse spent his entire allotted time not asking Barrett any pertinent questions, but mansplaining his bizarre conspiracy theory that “dark money” was behind Barrett’s nomination as spoke mysteriously about “forces outside of this room.”

Whitehouse theorized that audiences watching the confirmation hearing on their “little TV box” were watching through the frame of a “puppet theater” and didn’t understand the “whole story” and the “real dynamic” of “what is going on here. And you’re certainly not going to understand forces outside of this room who are pulling strings and pushing sticks and causing the puppet theater to react.”

After citing various GOP senators’ comments during the Merrick Garland nomination to the Supreme Court out of context, Whitehouse said in hushed tones, “When you find hypocrisy in the daylight, look for power in the shadows.” [Source: Daily Wire]

You have to wonder what pills Whitehouse was taking before he entered the Senate. Because what he said can only be described as “crazy talk.” But what is interest is if you can peel away the wild accusations and nonsense, you can get to the real core of his argument.

(By the way, he wasn’t supposed to give an “argument,” he was supposed to be asking her questions.)

Whitehouse was accusing Republicans (who are “puppets” controlled by “dark money”) of pushing a judge that would do what they told her to do.

Hmm… sound familiar? That is exactly what Democrats have been doing for years. Democrats’ entire strategy these days have been to force their agenda to the courts. They rely largely on left-wing judges to uphold their radical policies. So, they only seek to appoint judges that will work for them, violating the separation of powers.

Ironic, huh? Or downright disgusting. Once again, a Democrat is accusing Republicans of the very thing he is guilty of. Democrats have been taking “dark money” from globalists for years. They gleefully do the bidding of men like George Soros and Tom Steyer. Yet they will blame the other side for doing that instead.

Talk about projection!

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