Democrat Party Leaders Continue To Defy Their Own COVID Rules

Source: Fox News

All through last year—and into 2021—state leaders including public health officials have set strict rules over the pandemic. Some of these leaders are unelected and have been granted significant power from lawmakers or governors. And it seems that without oversight or accountability, they set rules that impacted millions of lives.

Despite evidence that lockdowns help prevent the spread of COVID, many states continue to impose these measures. Children can’t go to school. Parents can’t go to work. Businesses have been shut down for good. And those are only the tips of the iceberg. But it’s all been to save lives, right?

I mean, these leaders who didn’t bat an eye when they doomed thousands of businesses and upended countless lives are suffering along with us. Spoiler! No, they’re not.

Dozens of policymakers and public health officials have flouted their own coronavirus mitigation rules over the past year, according to a list recently published by the influential conservative Heritage Foundation.

The list “shows the continuing hypocrisy of local, state, and federal officials who violate their own coronavirus mandates, policies, or other restrictions,” Heritage argues…

In one instance, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — who for a time mandated some of the strictest COVID-19 lockdown policies in the country — violated her own COVID-19 orders by participating in a densely packed march in suburban Detroit…

In another much-publicized case, California Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught at a dinner party without a mask and without remaining distant from other participants. [Source: Just the News]

These leaders (most of whom are Democrats) have no problem hitting you with strict rules, because they won’t bother to follow them. In California, these leaders voted to shut down restaurants and immediately went out to eat. Other leaders, like Philly’s mayor, went out of state so he didn’t have to follow his own rules.

Most conservative leaders have been aggressive in reopening their states since last Summer. It seems like they aren’t willing to just break their rules, while forcing the rest of their people to suffer. But it appears that Democrats have no problem demanding obedience from you in ways they’d never do themselves.

We all remember how Nancy Pelosi criticized conservatives for not wanting to wear masks or follow lockdown rules. She claimed they were contributing to the death toll. Just days later, she was exposed for breaking San Francisco’s lockdown rules, just to get her hair done.

I can go on and on. Gov. Whitmer’s family broke Michigan’s rules numerous times. Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot was seen partying in the streets after the election, only to cancel Thanksgiving over COVID fears.

Then there was the recent House vote to install Pelosi as Speaker, where lawmakers neither socially distanced nor wore masks.

It seems COVID is so terrible, Democrats won’t even bother following the most basic rules to “slow the spread.” Yet they demand we continue to suffer under their abusive restrictions.

Perhaps this pandemic will only end when Americans decide to no longer follow these rules?

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