Democrat Loses It At GOP Bill’s Signing Ceremony, Leaves In Cuffs

Controversial Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp took major action against voter fraud when he signed the Republican-backed “Election Integrity Act of 2021” into law. Major backlash ensued, especially from a state Democratic lawmaker, who ended up in cuffs by the end of the bill signing ceremony.

The legislation seeks to eliminate the issues seen in the 2020 election. Georgia experienced numerous problems with their mail-in-ballot system and this bill plans to eliminate those problems. The bill also amps up voter ID, restricts the number of ballot drop boxes, and expands in-person voting.

The bill ramps up ID requirements for absentee and mail-in ballots. When a voter returns their ballot, they are required to prove who they are through some form of identification. This change replaces the controversial signature matching process that caused an uproar in 2020.

The Election Integrity Act widely expands in-person voting. Georgia law now requires three weeks of voting during ‘normal business hours’ and a mandatory Saturday voting session. Counties are allowed to add more hours as they see fit.

Kemp’s signing of the bill sparked hysterics and outrage from Democratic representatives.

Democratic Rep. Park Cannon was cuffed by Georgia police after she attempted to storm the Governor’s office. She was escorted off in custody, but has yet to be charged with a crime.

This wasn’t the first time Cannon was front-and-center in an anti-Kemp publicity stunt. Last month, Democrat officials clashed with police after Kemp signed a similar voter fraud bill. Again, Rep. Cannon was the most vocal at the protest.

Author: Carter Stolzer 

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