Democrat Elite Loses His Job After Years Of Trump Criticism

The media might make it look like Democrats are doing victory dances all up and down the country. But that is far from the truth. The 2020 Election was a slaughter for the Democrats, especially the progressive left. Americans fought back against their socialist agenda, and many party members lost long-held seats of power.

Democrats lost seats in the House, while Republicans picked up seats. Many moderate Democrats were on the chopping block, after they refused to stand up to party radicals that called for defunding of police and stricter lockdowns. House Democrats were shown to be panicking and in-fighting, after a post-Election Day conference call was leaked by the press.

But that isn’t the only area where progressives lost big. Across the country, in the most unlikely places, Democrats saw themselves losing ground. Even in a region known for its support of radical, left-wing politics, some key figures were voted out of office.

Including the least likely place of all: West Hollywood.

The progressive mecca of West Hollywood, California, voted out a longtime Democratic legislator who made national headlines two years ago after honoring former porn star Stormy Daniels for her “resist” efforts against President Donald J. Trump.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Councilman John Duran, whom the outlet described as “a colorful figure who has been dogged by sexual harassment allegations,” lost his re-election bid last week. The race featured 11 candidates, with the top two vote-getters winning the two city council seats that were up for grabs. Duran, who has been an elected official in the city since 2001, came in fourth place. [Source: Daily Wire]

Now, it might not be because he opposed Trump and supported liar Stormy Daniels that Duran got voted out. But it’s probably not unrelated, either. We’ve seen a bloodletting across American, as voters punished Democrats for embracing radical views.

But Duran was hardly a model leader. For years, he had been dogged by sexual scandals. In fact, it had come out that had a relationship with a man he met on a website and then later hired as a subordinate at City Hall. Hmm… that sounds like a massive conflict of interest. When it came to light that he was sleeping with someone who worked for him, shouldn’t he had been fired on the spot?

Guess not. But that man when on to sue Duran for sexual harassment on wrongful termination. The city settled out of court for a cool $500,000. So, even though Duran humiliated the city and cost them half a million, they didn’t fire him.

Only in this election did the voters come to their senses and kick him to the curb.

Duran was known for his “lewd public persona,” which might have worked in a place like Hollywood. But, truth be told, he’s not that much different than many other Democrats. How often have we discovered in recent years well-known liberals who have been exposed for harassment and mistreatment of women (and men)? Far too many to count.

Duran is not that much different. And it seems that voters are starting to get tired of these progressives’ running the show.

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