Democrat Councilmen Arrested In Election Fraud Sting

Democrats have been pushing the odd notion of a mail-in election for months. They claim fear of COVID-19 will prevent some voters from going to the polls. Republicans, including the president, have voiced concerns that mail-in voting would be easily used for fraud. While Democrats scoff, a new case just proved their point.

Mail-in voting might sound good at first. After all, Americans would be able to vote from the privacy of their homes without braving the scary outside world. But if you spend any amount of time considering the dangers, you’ll realize that mail-in voting would be a complete disaster.

Reports have already circulated about boxes of ballots founds abandoned in apartment stairwells. Recently, a mail truck was set on fire, allegedly containing mail-in ballots. There are plenty of reason to worry that ballots can be stolen, forged, or lost. Yet Democrats ignore all these concerns, claiming that mail-in voting is the only “safe” way to vote.

They’ll have a hard time explaining away this story.

Four New Jersey residents have been charged in a recent mail-in voter fraud case, with state’s attorney general accusing them of multiple crimes including voting fraud, tampering with public records and unauthorized possession of multiple vote-by-mail ballots…

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced Thursday that four people, one of them a Paterson city councilman and another a councilman-elect, have been charged with committing fraud during that election…

The charges ranged from the unauthorized possession of ballots to election fraud to falsifying or tampering with records to tampering with public records. [Source: Just The News]

According to some reports, nearly 20% of ballots cast in this special election were fraudulent. That’s more than enough to sway any election. Four men were charge and losing candidates demand a recount. If they were smart, they’d demand a second election entirely. Considering the large number of possible fake ballots, none of them should be considered valid.

Look at the great lengths these four men went to tamper with a small, local election. Imagine what people would do during an election as important as November’s? We’ve seen Democrats do insane things to undermine Donald Trump. The Russian hoax. The impeachment fiasco. Endless protesting and rioting. News so fake and pathetic it’s beyond parody.

Do you really think they wouldn’t try to steal an election to prevent Donald Trump from winning? Do you think they wouldn’t use mail-in voting to produce thousands—perhaps millions—of phony ballots to ensure a moron like Joe Biden would win?

If you don’t think so, you haven’t been paying attention.

Democrats have staged violent riots, for weeks, to influence the election. They are willing to defund police. They sit back and let historical statues get destroyed. Why wouldn’t they steal or forge mail-in ballots?

President Trump has warned of the dangers of mail-in ballots frequently. He has told Americans that the election could be stolen, if they are allowed to be used:

Despite this danger, Democrat states will do their best to make sure mail-in ballots are the standard this November. There might even be cases where they’ll try to delay the election results, claiming mail-in ballots were still coming in (a form of ballot harvesting). There’s no telling what they might try to do—all to ensure Joe Biden is our president.

The solution? Every last citizen has to get out and vote. Voter fraud only works when there aren’t enough true citizens casting their votes. Fraud can only work on a scale not to be detected. If millions of patriots flood the polls, then the Democrats won’t have enough fake ballots to affect the results.

The only way we can prevent Democrats from stealing this election, is if every last American does their part.

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