Democrat Case Against Trump Loses All Legitimacy

Anyone with half a brain will admit that blaming Trump for the events of January 6 is a stretch, at best. President Trump was simply challenging the results of an election—an election that was flawed at best and manipulated at worst. Even the speech he gave on that day has been analyzed and “incitement to riot” is not something people are getting from it.

This is the main reason Democrats rushed their impeachment vote. They wanted to capitalize on the emotion of the moment to railroad Trump. They didn’t bother to lead an investigation and gather credible evidence. In fact, the more we look at the events of that day, the more we see a coordinated effort—by people other than regular Trump supporters—that goes beyond his rally.

The one thing we can know for sure is that, Trump was the last person to be involved in the riot.

We can go over reports and other details that have come out since then. We can talk about how leftist organizers were seen participate in the chaos—and have been since arrested. We can pick apart the legal requirements to prove incitement, which on their own clear Trump. But one thing that really stands out is the fact that people were planning something months before—making it impossible for Trump to be responsible.

Growing evidence of advance planning and coordination of the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol undermines claims that the rioters were responding spontaneously to former President Trump’s speech to supporters about a mile and a half away, according to legal and intelligence experts.

As Senate Democrats mull their options for convicting or censuring Trump and banning him from future public office for allegedly inciting insurrection, experts said their incitement case against him was dealt a severe blow this week when federal prosecutors charged three men in the Capitol attack, alleging their communication and coordination dated back to November. [Source: Just the News]

According to federal documents a group of three people has been indicted for planning a move against the Capitol as far back as November. They claimed, among many communications acquired by the Feds, that they had “30-40” people with them to storm the government.

It appears these were extremists who wanted to support Trump, but even that isn’t clear. Other reports show that left-wing agents were involved in the events of January 6, casting doubt that the three suspects were actual Trump supporters.

Considering that every Trump event since 2015 has always been peaceful, and that leftist groups have organized and executed riots everywhere for years, I have my doubts. But what this news does tell us that lone groups, unconnected to Trump, were long planning something terrible in D.C.

That blows the left’s narrative out of the water. They cooked up this claim that Trump was responsible, to put a nail in his coffin, so to speak. To “prove” once and for all that all the vile things they’ve said about him for years were true. To erase all the good he’s done and to cover up the mountains of bad they’ve committed themselves.

But it looks like the truth will prevail, regardless of their schemes.

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