Democrat Attempts To Slam Trump End In Disaster

In the 11th hour, Democrat impeachment managers failed to prove the Constitutional basis of their latest phony scheme against Trump. House Dems claim there is no “January Exception” as they pushed back on claims that impeachment of now-private-citizen President Trump is unconstitutional. They vehemently urge Senate to convict Trump for allegedly inciting an insurrection of the U.S. Capitol.

The Democrat-majority House, in tandem with 10 Republicans, voted last month to baselessly impeach President Trump for the second time. Trump, along with most Republicans, a growing number of Democrats, and the vast majority of U.S. citizens consider the impeachment a hoax. His new legal team plans to argue that impeachment against a private citizen is not only unconstitutional, but morally wrong. 

House Democrats attempted to establish constitutional basis for their latest anti-Trump publicity stunt. “The text of the Constitution, the Framers’ intent, and prior precedent establish Constitutional basis for Trump’s crimes. He must stand trial for crimes he committed while in office,” their brief said. 

The verbose and incoherent hysterics disguised as a legal brief was formally signed by the House impeachment managers, led by Rep. Jamie Raskin and joined by Reps. Diana DeGette, David Cicilline, Eric Swalwell , Joaquin Castro, Ted Lieu, Joe Neguse, Stacey Plaskett, and Madeleine Dean. Their response comes after Trump’s legal team concisely laid out what eventual will become his defense. 

The geniuses at The Congressional Research Service claim that while the Constitutional text does allow for some debate, scholars have agreed that impeachment can in fact occur after a sitting President has vacated office. 

Despite their overtly violent rhetor against Trump and his supporters, the Democrats are contending that “it is impossible to imagine the horrific events of January 6th taking place without President Trump at the helm striking a match, creating a powder keg…”

The Democrats will soon find out the political consequences that come from blatant manipulation of the Constitution for personal or party gain. Not only will conviction not occur, but the entire charade will further divide our already splitting nation in a way that the Democrats may not be able to recover from. 

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