Dem 2020 Candidate Vows to Make Rapinoe Secretary of State

By Carmine Sabia July 15th, 2019 | Image Source: The Federalist Papers

Imagine a Secretary of State of the United States that protests the National Anthem and talks about how discriminatory our nation is.

If one Democrat candidate were to secure his Party’s nomination and win the presidency is 2020 you will not have to imagine it.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee who is polling lower than smallpox, said that if he wins he would ask Megan Rapinoe to be Secretary of State.

The same United States Women’s National Team star who protested the National Anthem for the entire World Cup Tournament.

The same woman who used vulgarity to attack President Donald Trump, the same woman who cursed in front of kids at a parade.

And why would he pick one of the most divisive people in the nation? Because he believes that she would bring unity.

“My first act will be to ask Megan Rapinoe to be my secretary of state,” he said at the political convention Netroots Nation.

“I haven’t asked her yet so this could be a surprise to her,” he said to the adoring crowd at the progressive convention.

“I actually believe this because what I think what she has said that has inspired us so much is such an antithesis of the president’s foreign policies,” he said.

The comments came a day after Sports Illustrated reporter Grant Wahl said that Rapinoe could get into politics someday.

“When you look at what she talks about, how comfortable she is doing that, how important all this stuff is to her, using her platform,” he said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised eventually if that might be something that she thinks about. If she wants to pursue that, I think she could.”

It also came after Rapinoe made a rather political speech at the New York City ticker tape parade to honor the team.

“This is my charge to everyone. We have to be better. We have to love more, hate less. We’ve got to listen more and talk less,” she said.

“We’ve got to know that this is everybody’s responsibility,” Rapinoe said after she spent an entire tournament dividing people.

“There has been so much contention in these last years I have been a victim of that I have been a perpetrator of that,” she said.

Author: Carmine Sabia

Source: The Federalist Papers: Dem 2020 Candidate Vows to Make Rapinoe Secretary of State

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