Delusional Biden Says He ‘Out-Performed’ in His First Year

Biden broke his silence to hold his first press conference since November 2021. White House handlers have long prevented Biden from going off-script. When they’re not just hiding him from the public, they’re carefully controlling what he says or does. Even then, they cannot prevent the man (who could be suffering from mental decline) from embarrassing the administration.

This week’s presser was no exception.

It’s no secret Biden’s first year was a disaster, getting progressively worse as the months rolled on. He refused to unite the country, despite what he promised. His policies triggered one crisis after another. America is suffering runaway inflation, rising gas prices, a worker shortage, supply chain problems, an open border, and out-of-control crime. All of it is the result of this presidency.

What’s even more shocking is how, despite dismal approval numbers, Biden isn’t bothering to change course. Now we know why. Because during his press conference, he made this outrageous claim.

Democrat President Joe Biden claimed during a press conference on Wednesday that he did not overpromise what he could get done as president, but has, in fact, “outperformed” what people thought he could do…

“Did you over promise to the American public what you could achieve in your first year in office? And how do you plan to course correct going forward?”

“Why are you such an optimist?” Biden asked the reporter. “Look, I didn’t over-promise, but I have probably outperformed what anyone thought would happen.” [Source: Daily Wire]

While asking Biden about his administration, this reporter brought up several issues Biden failed to handle in his first year. That includes inflation, his failed agenda in Congress, and COVID-19. Even the liberal media expect Biden to “course correct” at this point, given the mess he’s in. Yet Biden claims he “probably outperformed.”

What the heck does that mean? Outperformed what people thought would happen? Does he think people expected him to drop dead on day one? How could this failed presidency “outperform” expectations—given his approval is at 33%?

I guess if people thought he was going to drop bombs on the Midwest, he outperformed. If people expected him to soil himself each day, he outperformed. Or if people assumed he’d just sleep through his presidency, sure he outperformed.

But if people thought he’d be a president, he’s failed miserably. If people expected him to appropriately deal with the issues facing America, he’s failed miserably. If we wanted him to put America first, not progressives or special interests, he… well, you get the idea.

Biden’s administration will probably go down as the worst on record. His entire team cares more about appearances than performance. They worry about social media posts, as Biden tanks our economy and floods our communities with criminals. The ship is sinking, but they’re worried about the paint job.

Nothing about this presidency can be called “outperformed.” Unless you’re saying Biden “outperformed” conservative’s expectations for failure. Yes, that’s absolutely true. Even his biggest critics didn’t expect him to crash and burn this quickly.

Author: Bo Dogan