‘Defund The Police’ Cities Are Drowning In The Consequences Of Their Ignorance

Over the course of last year, many Democrat-run cities pushed to defund their police. Many experts warned this suicidal movement would result in disaster. But long before Democrats tried to cripple their police departments, they advocated a number of “reforms” that rewarded criminals and punished law-abiding citizens.

Perhaps the worst of these changes was what they call “bail reform.” Democrats have lobbied to either reduce the cost of bail for criminals or get rid of it completely for certain offenses. Cities from coast to coast have successfully lowered the bail threshold, putting criminals ahead of their victims.

Now, as you can imagine, all chaos has broken loose.

Democratic-run cities that have implemented bail reform have seen a rise in criminal activity amid the release of criminals with multiple offenses who went on to commit additional crimes following their releases…

In Los Angeles, District Attorney George Gascon eliminated cash bail altogether last year. Since then, murders and shootings in the city have risen sharply year-over-year, with homicides rising 26% in the first six months of the year.

In New York City, criminals are being put back on the streets after the state government enacted bail reform, which eliminated bail altogether for many crimes. Crime, particularly the murder rate, continues to hit record levels in the city compared to past years. [Source: Just the News]

Gee, who could have predicted this? Oh, anyone. Anyone could have told these Democrats that “bail reform” would lead to massive spikes in crime. And we’re not just talking about skyrocketing burglary and car-jackings (as we see in cities like San Francisco). This lack of high bail is resulting in a rise of violent crimes, including homicide.

Because, when Democrats fail, they go all the way.

How can any self-respecting leader look themselves in the mirror after these kinds of statistics? We have undeniable proof that bail reform only leads to more crime–life-threatening crime. Yet, have these Democrats tried to change this? Have they tried to correct these terrible policies?

Of course not. What’s even more shocking is that crime will continue to rise, citizens will continue to be victimized. Yet voters will not elect new leaders to fix it. They will continue to vote for the same, broken party that has put them in this mess.

Just last weekend, a man murdered six people and injured many more when he plowed into a Christmas parade with an SUV. That man should have been in jail, as he had been arrested for another violent crime. But because braindead Democrats are corrupting the state of Wisconsin, he was given “inappropriately low” bail and got out to kill again.

How many more people, including children, need to die before Democrats get it right? When are they going to start treating criminals like criminals and put the well-being of victims first?

I can’t answer that question.

Author: Pete Grisham