Deep State’s Stranglehold On Biden Reaches New Heights — You Need To See This

For months, many Americans have wondered about Joe Biden’s physical and mental fitness. Plenty of evidence is piling up that the man is too weak to be president—to say nothing of the signs he has dementia. He and his campaign have refused to subject him to any kind of test. Now, he is saying he’s better fit than Donald Trump and he wants us to compare the two.

It’s no secret that I’ve accused Joe Biden of being very ill. With each passing day, we see more evidence that the 77 year old man is not healthy. Countless videos have emerged that reveal the man is suffering from some form of mental decline. And frequently we see footage that suggests his body is not that far behind.

At one point, he claimed he had taken a mental fitness test when asked by a reporter. He claimed he was tested “every day.” We learned he was merely referring to the rigors of his campaigning—although most of the time, the candidate hides in his basement. His campaign later admitted he’s never taken a test, especially not the mental capacity exam Trump passed with flying colors.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Biden is not fit to be president. That is the real reason why his campaign avoids big, public events and questions from the press (why should COVID prevent Joe from answering a few questions after a speech?).

I don’t have to bore you with the many instances Joe appeared confused, sluggish, inexplicably angry, or just deflated. But what’s really amazing is that the man continues to claim he’s alright. In fact, he wants us to believe he’s in better shape than Donald Trump.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden went on the offensive on Sunday in the war of words between him and President Trump over who the fittest man – both mentally and physically – to lead the country.

As the fitness feud between the two septuagenarians heats up as Election Day quickly approaches, Biden asked the American public to take a good look at him and Trump, and decide who’s in better shape.

“When it comes to Donald Trump versus me: Just look at us. Okay? Just look at us,” Biden said during an interview on CNN. “Who seems to be in shape? Who’s able to move around?” [Source: Fox News]

Joe Biden actually dared Americans to compare his fitness with Donald Trump. OKAY!

Here is a recent photo of Trump, at a Nevada rally:

And he is a recent photo of Joe Biden:

Who looks better? Okay, photos can be deceiving. Here’s a clip of President Trump during a recent speech:

And here is Joe Biden during a recent speech:

Gee, Joe really looking better than Trump? And what about this? Joe mentioned moving around better. Okay, then why does he often appear walking with the aid of someone else?

No explanations for all these moments, Joe? The media made a big deal about the one time Donald Trump needed help down a steep ramp during a graduation. But they ignore the many times Joe Biden forgets his wife’s name, can’t finish a simple sentence, loses his temper at the drop of a hat, and insults the entire black population!

Have we seen Donald Trump ever do anything remotely close to all that?

Of course not, because Trump isn’t suffering from physical and mental decline.

At this point, we have to wonder why Democrats are forcing this ailing man to run for the highest office in the land. Do they really think he can do it? Or do they expect he’d just be a puppet for their radical agenda? Or maybe, they just want him to win so he can resign immediately and make Kamala Harris the president?

Regardless of the reasons, we can’t ignore the fact that Democrats want a sick man to be elected and they are lying to make it a reality.

There might not be words to describe that level of evil.

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