Decades-Old Biden Video Leaks — And Even Democrats Are Demanding Answers

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did all she could to dodge questions about her boss’s notable contribution to America’s anti-black past.

When asked, “To what extent does President Biden acknowledge his own role in systemic racism?” The fear in Jen’s eyes was noticeable.

Here’s her full response:

She went on to detail Biden’s upcoming legislative “action” to tackle “systemic racism” before saying that Biden has “ordered his leadership team to prioritize and tackle these issues immediately,” which she added, “which are current today, not just 30 years ago.”

The reporter followed up, “Does Biden believe it’s important to acknowledge his own responsibility…”

Psaki immediately cut the reporter off, ” I think I have answered your question.”

The context of the reporter’s question comes as Joe Biden’s legislative history of being the key architect of many laws in the 80’s and 90’s that disproportionally jailed young black people, contributing to what many liberals today call “systemic racism.

Joe Biden’s flagrant use of words now deemed inexcusable are well documented:

To this, Psaki had no response.

The concept of “systemic racism” derives from critical race theory, a far-left model imported into the U.S. by German Marxists from the Frankfurt School. Conservatives have warned against “systemic racism” as an unremitting attack on American norms and traditions that will introduce a Left-Wing model of governing.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth