Cuomo’s Once-Political Ally Leads Impeachment Charge

The sixth accuser was too much for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to handle.

The communist-lite mayor officially broke it off with Governor Cuomo after years of a close working relationship

“It’s very simple: he cannot serve as governor. This is disgusting to me,” de Blasio blurted out over the radio. 

“He just can’t serve as governor anymore,” de Blasio declared.

The sixth accuser alleges she was called to the governor’s mansion in late 2020 because Cuomo “needed help with his phone.” Cuomo proceeded to reach up her skirt and fondled her until the accuser forcefully pulled away.   

De Blasio referred specifically to the sixth accusation as “truly disturbing.”

“The governor called someone he had power over — called them to a private place and then sexually harassed her. That is absolutely unacceptable,” de Blasio added sternly.

Cuomo’s alleged crimes have not been fully investigated by law enforcement.  

Charlotte Bennett, Lindsey Boylan, Anna Liss, Karen Hinton all worked for Cuomo in or near the governor’s mansion when he allegedly assaulted them.

The sixth accuser worked for the governor in Albany or during his time in President Bill Clinton’s Cabinet.

Another accusor, Anna Ruch, apparently met Gov. Cuomo at a wedding. 

De Blasio not leaving a stone unturned, hit Cuomo on his nursing home scandal as well.

“In just a matter of weeks so many disturbing things are coming out of the governor’s mansion. We still don’t know the truth about the thousands of people who died in nursing homes,” de Blasio stung, adding, “Their families deserve the truth.”

“There’s one thing we know: there was a purposeful cover-up of the nursing home data. That alone is impeachable and unacceptable,” de Blasio goes for the knockout. 

De Blasio is joining the effort of least 85 state legislators to get Cuomo out of office, either via resignation or impeachment.

Gov. Cuomo had rejected allegations against him before this unnamed sixth woman’s allegations surfaced Wednesday.

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