Cuomo’s a Ticking Time Bomb – Two More Women Come Forward To Tell Their Story

Things continue to go from bad to worse for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Not that long ago, he was being praised by the media for his “leadership.” Today, nearly every major Democrat in the country wants him gone.

The state Attorney General’s office released a damning report. Eleven women claimed to be sexually harassed by the governor—and the report seems to provide convincing proof of their accounts. The “patten” of abuse has sparked an impeachment probe. And many people, including most voters, want Cuomo to resign.

Now, two more women are coming forward with claims of harassment.

Two more women approached the state Attorney General’s Office with allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo after Attorney General Letitia James released her sexual harassment report against him last week, The Post has learned.

But the women were told the AG’s investigation was officially over and were referred to local law enforcement authorities, a source familiar with the matter said. [Source: NY Post]

Accusations by eleven women were investigated by the AG’s office. Their stories were found to be credible, as the state accused Cuomo of fostering a “toxic workplace.” They said he had a “pattern” of harassment and intimidation that went back years. Some of the accusations extend back to before he was governor, suggesting this is far-reaching behavior for the man.

Should we be surprised that two more women have come forward with stories? Not at all. There might be many more women who were victims of Cuomo’s behavior. It’s painfully clear that Cuomo thought he was above the consequences of his actions. After all, he was able to get away with this for years, without anyone speaking up.

Fear and intimidation could have kept people silent for a long time. Only now are they willing to come forward with their stories.

Unfortunately, the AG office turned them away, claiming their investigation was over. Really? You turn these women way over a technicality? Shouldn’t you at least take down their accounts, so they’re on file? Are you so busy you can’t stop and hear these women out, knowing what you now know about Cuomo?

We do know that law enforcement in Albany is beginning its own criminal investigation. It’s possible these new women’s accounts will be heard by them.

The consequences for Cuomo’s behavior could be very serious. At the moment, the governor refuses to resign, shocking and disgusting many. But pressure is mounting as Democrats in the state pursue impeaching options.

Should a criminal investigation heat up, Cuomo could be looking at something much worse than impeachment. The best thing he could do now is resign, just to save what’s left of his reputation.

But a man like that, who long thought he was above the law, might not see the light until it’s too late.

Perhaps not until he’s in handcuffs.

Author: Timothy Jones